World Wide Hero

World Wide Hero


we are a hardcore/rock/power-pop band who is making there music sound different from anyone else. We combine a bunch of genres into one and make our music.


We started out almost a year ago and it started slow but then we all sat down and decided to get serious and make this a one of a kind band. We all listen to different styles of music and we combined it all in our songs. We all love A Day To Remember and other bands like them, but like i said before, we all have different taste in genres. We have been booking shows and trying our best to promote our band as well as our friends bands. We are 5 rad dudes from the poconos who one day want to make it big!


Our first Ep is called "Stories Such as These" and it will be coming out late march or mid april. It is our first EP and will contain 6 songs. You can listen to the music on our myspace @

Set List

we start off with the song called Introduction, followed by Matt Damon, Funk, Or is it This, Kid Tested Mamma Approved, then DaveDB with an outro. Our set is usually 30 mintues