Worm is a melting pot of driving rhythms, eccentric guitar work and catchy melodies taking the listener through a time warp of styles.


Hailing from Tucson, Az., Worm has quickly emerged from the underground. Playing throughout the Southwest for the last decade, Worm has gained a solid fan base as well as tremendous respect from fellow musicians. A power trio with catchy melodies and driving rhythms, Worm present their music for all to hear and enjoy, with the hopes of spreading their disease throughout the America, as well as overseas. Heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, Foo Fighters, and Clutch, everyone is invited to dig into the world of Worm.


1999 - Smokin' Rincons
2000 - WORM
2001 - Full Throttle
2006 - Unity of Three (brand new release)

Set List

Worm's set list is made up of songs throughout their career. A 45 min - 1 hr. set will consist of the following: Frozen
Sweet Devil Sugar
Feelin' High
Straight Jacket
Wicked Ride
Off The Hook
Cleaning Process