Calgary, Alberta, CAN

Wormbox is a metal band with an incredible mix of modern sound with old school elements and enough intensity to satisfy everyone across the metal spectrum, yet accessible enough to attract new fans to the genre. “Every stage deserves to be treated as a stage... especially yours!”


Wormbox formed in early 2004 in Calgary, Alberta, when brothers Mark and Rick Fiset answered a musicians wanted ad and met two longtime friends James Jameson and Jay Rapp. Musically, things came together very quickly while the search for the right vocalist continued. After a few months and many auditions, Alex Liddy entered the picture and the puzzle was complete.

Rather than rushing out to play shows as soon as they were able, the decision was made to hold off and make sure they were as happy as they could possibly be with the performance of the songs, as well as have more to offer to people on top of well rehearsed, well crafted songs. With a demo recorded, an extensive line of merchandise, and as much of a stage and light show as they could muster - since most local clubs seemed to be lacking in that area - they decided it was time to take it to the people, and they did it with a vengeance.

The shows got better and better, they received great reviews locally and abroad, and a fan base that continued to grow stronger. Wormbox captured the attention of Cyclone records shortly after their first couple months of playing live and they proved to be a very helpful ally and spread the news far and wide that Wormbox was a band to watch out for. Cyclone records offered their services to do a digital only re-release of the self titled “Wormbox” demo which was named one of the top ten Canadian metal releases of 2005 by metal net radio’s Dr. Steel. Not bad for a CD that was only meant to land in the hands of promoters in order to start booking some local shows.

The Greatest Underground Show On Earth” which was a compilation CD of metal bands hailing from the city of Calgary, was also released by Cyclone records and featured another track by Wormbox, “Hate Therapy,” which also garnered more great reviews and public awareness for the band.

March of 2007 Wormbox entered Monster Music Studios and emerged two and a half months later with a new full length CD entitled “The Judas Chair” which was engineered, mixed and mastered by Rodger Sallans. On a side note, all of the CD artwork, as with all Wormbox promotional material from day one, was illustrated and designed by members of the band. The CD was released to the public on May 25, 2007 and Wormbox is currently in the process of playing shows and promoting The Judas Chair to bring it to the public eye.

In September of 2007 Wormbox was chosen as the only Canadian metal band to perform at Locofest 2007. The open air festival which took place just outside of Boston, Massachucetts and featured headliners HEAVEN & HELL (Black Sabbath with Dio), ALICE COOPER, QUEENSRYCHE and SHADOWS FALL was definitely a dream come true for the 5 dudes from Calgary, and the experience of a lifetime.

In February 2008 Cyclone Records released their second compilation of Calgary Metal - “The Greatest Underground Show On Earth - Vol. 2” which features the Wormbox track Harbor The Curse. The same track also appears on the As We Storm Canada compilation, as well as the Fateless Empire compilation. Harbor The Curse was also featured on Revolver magazine’s meet & greet page at revolvermag.com and Wormbox also appeared in 2 issues of the magazine in early 2009.

Currently Wormbox is in the process of writing the follow-up to The Judas Chair, the new material thus far is once again a step up in the evolution of the band. The new CD will see a 2010 release as well as plans for extensive touring.

Wormbox has earned a reputation of having the best live show in the Calgary area and they continue to strive to improve that with each performance, standing firmly in their belief that “Every stage deserves to be treated as a stage...especially yours!”


The Judas Chair - (2007) 12 song - full length
Track Listing
- March Of The Worm
- Good Morning Mr. Hyde
- From The Ashes I Rise
- With A Smile
- Falter
- Black Epitaph
- H8 Therapy
- Heathenism
- The Submissive Switch
- Harbor The Curse
- For Keeps
- The Judas Chair

This CD was released May 25, 2007 and we are currently in the process of getting it out to radio.
At the moment (July 2007) it is sitting at #5 on the CKXU Loud chart

Wormbox (Self Titled) - 6 song E.P. (2005)
Track Listing
- Falter
- For Keeps
- Good Morning Mr. Hyde
- Less Than
- Buckle Up
- Whiplash

This CD is currently charting at #17 on Vancouver's CJSF Loud top 20 Charts, down from #8 three weeks ago. And is currently #47 on the stations general top 50 (Nov 06)

"The Greatest Underground Show on Earth" (2006)
A Calgary Metal Compilation (cyclone records)
featured the Wormbox single
- Hate Therapy

All of our tracks from the E.P. and the compilation have had radio play across the country and internationally, on several different stations, as well as several podcast shows.

In addition to what is available in this E.P.K. for your listening pleasure you can also visit www.wormbox.net or myspace.com/wormbox for more music.

Set List

Typically our set list will range from 45 - 90 minutes depending on that night's requirements. Our sets consist entirely of original material - no covers.

On a night when a shorter set is required the set list would look something like:

1. From The Ashes I Rise
2. Buckle Up
3. March Of The Worm
4. Falter
5. Black Epitaph
6. With A Smile
7. Harbor The Curse
9. The Judas Chair

A longer set could consist of the following:

1. H8 Therapy
2. Good Morning Mr. Hyde
3. March Of The Worm
4. Falter
5. Black Epitaph
6. The Judas Chair
7. Heathenism
8. For Keeps
9. From The Ashes I Rise
10. With A Smile
11. The Submissive Switch
12. Less Than
13. Whiplash
14. Harbor The Curse
15. Buckle Up