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This band has not uploaded any videos


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Wormholes Exist – Interview with Lucas Strazz

Q. Firstly, tell us about the background of the name of your band. How did the name ‘Wormholes Exist’ come about?

A. The name Wormholes Exist came to light initially as an idea for an album theme to represent a musical journey. At the time the band, in particular our writing style was developing into more melodic and refined song structures. The overall sound changed quite dramatically over a period of a few months and through a very brief discussion after rehearsal one night, the decision was made to become Wormholes Exist.
You could say overall that the songs dictated the change and somehow attracted the Wormholes’ statement-like name which seemed to stick with us. It has actually become like a welcome mat for any creative change or evolving process that takes place among the band. Every decision we make is another journey through a wormhole.

Q. What are the main influences you guys draw upon as a band?

A. In terms of influences, I think music whether it be during a private writing session or workshopping the skeleton of a new song with a band, for me is mostly instinctual. We all have many influences that colour and shape what we produce. The band has very diverse musical tastes and backgrounds. Our newest member Rebecca comes from a traditional classical background as a concert violinist. Sasha is influenced by sound shaping, avant garde,ambient and free jazz. Tom is quite a clinician, being a pastry chef his bass playing is meticulous yet soulful with a big influence from 70’s funk/soul era. Benni is a musical sponge with the biggest and most well ordered album collection I’ve ever seen! I come from a family of musicians as far as the eye can see. My mother is a classical pianist, my father a world music/jazz guitarist/composer. The musical path is one that I chose to pave myself toward being a songwriter heavily influenced by bands such as Led Zeppelin, A Perfect Circle, Sigur Ros, Jeff Buckley to name a few. These artists who are so unique have greatly inspired and influenced the way I write, see and hear music.

Q. How would you describe your style?

A. Our sound/style has been described as ethereal, uplifting and epic. We like that.

Q. It seems as though you have some kind of a scientific element to your music. Am i right in saying this?

A. I guess there is a scientific element to our band name but our music is by no means a Dr Who soundtrack.
The idea of Wormholes Exist is directed more toward being open to new possibilities, seeing beyond the walls that can overshadow dreams and ambitions. A wormhole can appear anywhere, even inside your conscience. Although it conventionally represents time travel into new dimensions, we are putting it into another context, an escape from everyday reality. Our music is for anyone who wants to experience a temporary seclusion from the pressures of life while being emersed in a soundscape of exciting and euphoric music.

Q. You also seem to have a theatrical vibe to your music. Where do you think that comes from?

A. I think the theatrical vibe is something that comes naturally when performing music that has a narrative quality to it. I believe you also have a responsibility as a performer to put on a show for the audience so they are entertained. There are nights where maybe the band isn’t sounding their best, but the show can be saved by communicating with the audience and drawing them in, experiencing the gig together, giving the fan something to remember.
Fashion, lights and personalities are all part of the fun.

Q. What do you as a band hope to achieve with your music?

A. One of our greatest ambitions is to tour Europe and also to hear our music in a film. I would love to record with an orchestra and perform the soundtrack live at the cannes film festival while eating giant snails with camembert and bathing in a pool of fine wines. Is that to much to ask? Mostly, through persistence we hope people understand what we’re about and in turn connect with our music emotionally.

Q. What does the rest of 2009 have in store for you guys?

A. We are focusing on building our fan base and a there is talk of a much awaited video clip for album single ‘World above water’. Possibly a new album release late this year, early next but we’ll see which way the worm turns…

- Musicque Art


Self Titled Album: Wormholes Exist, Available at iTunes.



The sound of Wormholes Exist is influenced by surrealism, and the possibilities of alternate realities. Drawing you into their atmospheric melodies, they take you down their escapist path into another universe with their inspired harmonies... they are Wormholes Exist.

Their growing and much loved fan base are keeping the band inspired and the boys are hungry to hit some bigger stages in the near future. We'll see which way the worm turns...