worms union

worms union


tribal drum corps pound thunderous rhythms, interlaced with psychadelic experiments. a primitive cry from the ancient future. enhanced by extensive angelic vocals and vicious visuals. angel trumpets and devil trombones.


the worms exist on a higher plane of artistic consciousness. speaking through tribal rhythms, layered vocal harmonies, spiritual dance, and deep soul melodies, the worms Union will entrance you, - pulling you into tangent dimesions where all is one. fire dancers, acrobats, spirit dancers, and fire breathers swirl around the thunderous rhythms and soothing hypnotic sonic assault of the WORMS.

see the most beautiful examples of our species move in ways that stir the libido. feel the pounding of primitive rhythms which call you back to the first breath. hear the stream of conscience psychadelic melody morph in and out of space and time.


Set List

our shows are as much a theatrical event as a concert. they can vary from small intimate events to enourmous spectacles which include extensive visuals and costuming, as well as extra visual performers. typical instrumentation included several drums of all shapes and sizes, various ethnic and home made original instruments, and electronic improvised devices.

this can range in scale from a small intimate arrangement to a huge mid blowing audio / visual extravaganza.