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"worried minds"

author: rich kane/ inland empire weekly

And here's our latest Claremont fave, Worried Minds, a band who goose up their guitar sounds with colorful accoutrements like cellos and mandolins. There's a lot of deep thinking going on here courtesy of lead singer/songwriter Martin Maudal , with lyrics that touch on nameless power-crazed leaders, spiritual allegories, and richly descriptive lines that have you swearing Maudal has a lit degree from one of the Claremont campuses. The guy has a creamy voice, too, and can croon in a near-falsetto as if he were a resurrected Nick Drake. Smash his pipes together with music that sounds like newly-discovered bootleg tapes from Jeff Buckley's old touring band, and you've got an outfit that's churning out something really special. - inland empire weekly

"[worried minds] is delicious and if [he] were food I would eat [him] every day"

author: amy, radio nation
There is such a mixed message when this album is taken as a whole. The music is beautiful, with soulful and truly unique sounding vocals and wonderful arrangements of cello with nasty electric guitar, tight drums and thumping bass. Then you listen to the words, and the happiest sounding songs, like the title track, have the most biting lyrics I've heard in years. A taste: " entropy, atrophy, society - dumbing us down 'til we can't even see when we're gumming a new thought with toothless jaw 'til it's limp as an old man's joint". Then there's a love song like "thick moon paint" that ends up in oceanic grief. The prettiest song on the cd, "hate this man?", is about a soldier with a gun facing an enemy. The real unifying thing in this collection is the success with which every song pulls you in and elicits a reaction. If this album's purpose was to put me squarely in between thinking and feeling, it was completely successful. - radio nation

"March 28th 2009"

"You guys rock! It was an incredible show to kick off The Village Beat in 2009! Many thanks to you and everyone who showed up. Please come again!!" - Ecoterra - Claremont Ca

"March 15th 2009"

"I just got through listening... and am impressed to say the least! I especially like “Hate this Man” and “The Gardener” brought tears to my eyes...clear sounds combined with deep reflection!" - Angie Autrey - Facebook

"Jan 18th 2009"

"ur band has an incredible sound.. i think u got a little of what the industry has been missing.. "
- Queen Latifa, jive records - Jive Records


Buddy, can you Paradigm? ROLLO records 2009



Worried minds are an acoustic band with Daniel Mullikin on everything from cello to banjo, and Martin Maudal on vocals and guitars. Martin , the primary songwriter behind the 'Minds, started the band with Daniel shortly after he moved back to Ca from New York city. "I'd been in NYC for 8 years or so, and I loved it. But after 100's of open mics and almost that many 45 minute set bookings, I decided to test a theory. I felt that if I wanted to do something really original, I'd have to do it away from major media centers. All the stuff I liked came from smaller towns around the country. So... I moved back to my old home town, Claremont Ca."
Where within a month, he met Daniel Mullikin at the Folk Music center, a local hub of creativity. "I built an electric band around it, but I don't think we really found ourselves untill we dropped the rhythm section and went acoustic."

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