Worried Well

Worried Well

 Portland, Maine, USA

Daniel James and Cam Jones are a band called Worried Well. They are from Portland, ME


You get to a point when its not about anything at all other than expressing yourself in the most honest and natural way possible. This is what seasoned songwriter Daniel James has accomplished with Worried Well. By scaling back the traditional rock instrumentation, James has made the focus of Worried Well rely solely upon the message and the tense feel of his melodic and often afflictive songwriting. James and drummer/multi-instrumentalist Cam Jones have turned their two-man band into a regional indie staple since forming in 2011. The duo has been developing a following and headlining club shows in their native New England, getting press recognition and favorable reviews including a nomination for “Best New Act” and “Best Rock-Pop Act” in The Portland Phoenix, as well as touring the northeast and performing with such acts as Murder By Death, mewithoutYou, the Hold Steady, and Gin Blossoms. A well received self-titled record was released in late 2011. James recorded the album himself to set the raw, organic tone that the band have become known for. 2012 saw the band working with producer TJ Swan (Starfight Studio) and veteran recording engineer Dean Baltulonis (The Hold Steady, Ra Ra Riot, Piebald) at The Wild Arctic studio to produce their first full-length record. The product of months of pre-production and weeks of studio time, “Luck” was released May 7th, 2013. The duo entered the studio the following summer for a follow up full length “Great Appetite, Poor Taste”,  due out July 24th 2015 on CD and vinyl as well as digitally via Mint400 Records on September 8th. The new album will focus more on the dynamics of the bands live sound and James’ dramatic and often poignant lyrics. 

Worried Well continues to perform in New England and beyond, all the while gaining new fans with their desperate and poetic approach to a sound that is scathingly articulate and delivered with sincere honesty.


She's Got Something To Say

Written By: Daniel James (Worried Well)

She's got something to say and the whole room stops and listens.
A little girl, a set of eyes.

She crushes doubt and sets aside your notions, your small emotions.
She is here, where are you?
She was here, where were you?

Half the size of her guitar. Twice the size of your expectations.
Nearly five feet all, almost nothing at all.

I see her teeth and her fillings. I see some father's hard-earned money spent.
This is your daughter, I hope you're proud
She's getting press and top billings and soon she'll pay her own rent.
You raised her up good, nice and loud.
Pushing and pulling, striking and strumming.
She understands the true beauty of her words because she's beautiful.

And she'll tell it to you softly and you'll listen
like it was spoken loudly.
As if you needed her permission
to see her naked soul, to hear her thoughts and hopes,
to share any connection.
Forget your learned role
and tell your friends that oh
you were lucky to be there.
To hear her mouth let go. To feel her eyelids close.
You were lucky to be there.

She was here, where were you?


Worried Well (s/t) - 2011
Over And Over/She's Got Something To Say (Single)- 2012
Luck (LP) - May 2013
Winter Defeats (Single) - 2013
Psych 101 (and done) (SIingle)- 2014
Great Appetite, Poor Taste - Summer 2015

Set List

Lords of the Beach
Sad Cells
Human Beans
You're Doing Fine
Over and Over
Sickly Honest
Last Survivor Of...
She's Got Something To Say
I Couldn't Make Stairs
Shed My Skin