Endless Culture

Endless Culture


Multi-cultural rock group coming from different backgrounds to fuse their musical knowledge into one to form a Jazzy, middle Eastern, soulful rock group.


It was December of 2006, and Daniel Schwartzman, an up and coming guitarist, left his home of Israel to pursue his life long dream of music. Schwartzman arrived in the United States and put an ad out for a vocalist. Aspiring vocalist Natasha Kornegay replied and instantly there was a spark. Danny and Tash met weekly to work on some songs ideas, but felt they needed to expand their duo into what would soon become an electric band. After posting ads, Danny and Tash received an email from Saul Dratman, a student drummer from New Jersey. After very little practice, the trio played an acoustic show in a local club. Realizing that a trio was not enough, Saul asked his friend, and long-time jam buddy, Jonathan Colvson, to stand in on bass. From their first practice with Jon, the band mates knew they would no longer be dubbed a trio. After months of rehearsals and a few shows under their belt, the band decided that in order to reach the sound they wanted, they would need another guitar in the mix. With that came Bryan Wiggins, another longtime friend of Saul's, to add the occasional guitar lick and harmonizing vocal. Now with five members, together, they are Worst Case Scenario.


5 Song Demo. Currently being streamed on our Myspace.

Set List

Retired Queen, What A Way to Go, Room, Charlie Brown, For My Lover*, Breeze, No Good, My Soul, Secret Enemy, To Take A Life, Zombie*, Still Livin' With The Folks, Night Shift, Excuse Me, Hero, Hold The Line*, Call Me*, Burning Down the House*

This set would be about 75 minutes, give or take.