Worthless Without
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Worthless Without

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Upcoming EP - 2006



Music: the science or art of combining tone into a composition having structure and continuity; vocal or instrumental sounds having rhythm, melody or harmony.

In the world today music is part of every culture, everyone everywhere can relate in some way to music. For some people music becomes a passion, they center their lives around music. Music can put you in a good mood, it can put you in a mellow trance, it can vent anger, it can soften hearts, it can relieve stress, it can build adrenalin, music helps us express our feelings in a way that sometimes words alone can't, it gives us a unique sense of security.

Worthless without takes this to mind every time they pick up a pen and begin to write, every time they wield they're instruments, every time they step up to a microphone. Driven by a burning passion to carry out they’re music in such a way that its leaves people with no choice but to start rocking out with them. its a deep personal and band experience every time the stage is filled with they’re presence that comes from the soul of each member, its a drive and gift that God himself has put into each ones heart to play in your face music that cant be denied.

Worthless without started with Jordan, Luke, and Cole as a "band" whos only right in calling themselves a band was a few photos and some dreams. Dreams which one day would become a reality as they met Sterling who started to attend Luke and Cole’s church. Luke and Sterling were both starting to find a passion for a hobby that would grow to be an everyday obsession; the guitar. Getting together for the first time they played some acoustical tunes, enjoying even the simplest jams. Some while later God in his mysterious and powerful ways decided it was time for us to use the seeds planted into us as babies in which we where about to discover; was the gift of music.

Luke was to become a guitarist, an infinite chord orchestrator, attacking all boundaries of the "power chord" and annihilating them. Giving in to endless chords to assemble what has become a sound unheard and even making up his own chords. Along with the guitar is a melodic sweet sounding voice, a voice which could tame a beast or destroy a beauty.

Cole, though sketchy at starting, quickly picked up his bass guitar and produced an astronomical fleet of thumping rhythm, giving full bar 8th notes a kick out of the drivers seat an properly placed his own style in its position. Cole also respectively earns the title of interpretive dancer due to an enormously amusing stage presence

Sterling also was to wield a guitar. Hoping that he could do something more for the traditional sounds as well. Giving in to his inner drive and allowing it to takeover his hands and mind to create some punchy riffs that stick. Also for him to behold was the microphone. As fate would have it, deep inside him was a voice waiting to be heard, after clearing through the dusty airs of trail and error, lone behold from deep in the stomach came gut wrenching scream that would shape the band as it is and allowing it to mold around his melodic singing

Jordon at last was to carry out his wrath by pounding crazy beats into his drums, letting it all out onto his kit with the fury of his adrenalin as his sidekick, becoming the assailant to tom work that surpasses exceptionality, and leaving behind all sympathy for the cymbals, crashing into amazing roles that will leave you wondering if he’s got four hands. Also a gift in which was not to be discovered until later was Jordon’s deep down ability to tear apart microphones with a scream like no other creating the final component.

Above all is Jesus Christ. He is the maker and shaper of everything Worthless Without represents. Picking them up from falling and always making sure the blessings are stuck were they count. If it weren’t for Him, Worthless Without would be but a distant thought ever lingering in space, as would all humanity. It came to a point were each one realized that there is no answer for life but God, and after that, the realization that humans are the least worthy of heaven. There is nothing humans can do to get into heaven, the only way is to believe that Jesus died so that we could enter heaven, its not a trick and its not a lie... we don’t have to do anything to get to heaven except believe that Jesus died and rose again... your Worthless Without Jesus...you are a branch that doesn’t produce fruit. John 15:5