"We make magnet music to fill the listener with positive energy to attract more positive things to their world. Magnet music is our contribution to the world to help uplift, enlighten, and inspire a better state of being"


Rev. Trxx (Producer/MC/Singer) and Waters (MC) first met in 2007 when they were introduced by up-and-coming Hip Hop Producer The Arcitype in Boston. The two immediately hit it off, discovering they shared the same beliefs and artistic goals. After getting an apartment together, both artists decided to put their solo careers on hold when they realized how successful they could be if they combined their talents and musical skills. Local fans were enthralled with this idea, and the excitement quickly started to brew in Boston. With this, WOW BOIZ was manifested. In May of 2008, Rev. Trxx and Waters joined Grammy-Winning sound producer Danny Blume in Woodstock, NY to record their first singles, “Rock With You” and “All Around the World”. Rev. Trxx had met this famed sound producer through mutual friends Medeski Martin and Wood. WOW BOIZ describes their unique sound as “Magnet-Music”, because the catchy beats are appealing to all music-lovers. The multi-faceted sound can be compared to a wide variety of musical artists including : N.E.R.D, Madonna, Timbaland, Enur, and Nelly Furtatdo. The music also has a very international flare- WOW BOIZ plans to hit the clubs internationally, traveling to Latin America and Europe later this year. Because of the immediate success of WOW BOIZ, both artists plan on relocating to New York in the near future. They will also be releasing a full length CD, title and date TBD.


All Around the World - (single) 2008
Rock With You - (single) 2008

Set List

All Around the World
Rock With You
We rock the party
Freak the future
Drop that flow

set's last 45 min. to 1 hr.