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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Local Band Burns Down KFC"

Local rock band, WoW!Laserbeams, was arrested last night for burning down the downtown Kentucky Fried Chicken. As the band was dragged away from the chicken inferno, they had just this to say..... "Fuck yo chicken bitches!" - Kalamazoo Gazette

"WoW!Laserbeams Demo Review"

"Sluts Rule". - Metal Maidens

"The Laserbeams Strike Again!"

"Their searing riffs and fist in the air punk rock hooks had the crowd in a state of pandamodium". "As the band left the stage, you could tell the crowd was wanting and craving more". - The Music Review

"The Best Band In Town"

"WoW!Laserbeams is the best band in town". - Brent Oberlin


Singles include: Concentration
Red Hot Tank top
Unkown Caller
ALL of which are instant classics and My Space Hits!



In the long dark night of rock’s last rights, enlightened minds thought the time was right
to shine a light on the lifeless sight and to use their powers to excite.
The pressure was heavy, the crowds were ready so Amy and Becky’s fem duo machete
used each and every hand-forged medley to rock steady in pure revelry.
Then searing riffs explode to complete this,
Amy as the chic guitar high-priestess
tears up the pages of music’s elitists
till paper rains down into piles of pieces.
With only two that no one could compete with.
To say they lay waste would be being facetious.
You can’t play it cool when they turn up the heat if
your sweat forms a pool then you know you’re defeated.
Then came the time to cross gender lines and solos would shine as Atom was signed
as next in the line of the trio sublime, the melody section now fully refined.
But who would come through with the fluid to move it
and groove with the truest of beats to combat?
The coolest and smoothest recruited to do this
could sooth Druids, Nudists, and Buddhists… it’s Jen.
So WOW! Laserbeams draws their weapons to rage out
to now put a stop to the lamest and played-out.
Dropping the bombs of punk shrapnel that’s sprayed out.
No way out, get laid out, saying no way the flame’s out
that lit up the darkness that rock got consumed in
that wannabe pop shit is wrapped and entombed in.
They’ll hold up the light and write songs that are true and
give one more real sound that is worth it to tune it.