New York City, New York, USA

New York based electro-garage project of Dmitry Wild (Singer / Songwriter / Guitar Player). Fuzzed out garage guitars, grove bass, drum machine and telephone receiver as a microphone.


HOLY WOW! is an adrenalin shot of gothic electro garage rock, filtered through the

deeply personal lens of Russian born, New York raised, California grown Dmitry


An immigrant from Eastern Europe, Dmitry fell hard for the madness and fast paced

NYC lifestyle. He found an outlet by playing music and quickly developed a

prodigious list of bands to collaborate with by his late teens. Most notably Table

Dreams - who received local acclaim among the NYC immigrant scene, Wild Things -

the band he formed with his wife Jennifer Claroscura of the Peruvian cult band

Electro-Z, California band Weapons of the Future - considered the Bay Area’s goth

breakthrough band, and back in New York, Wizard Sex - retro publicity darlings who

landed a lead-off track for a Classic Rock magazine compilation CD.

Dmitry’s diverse musical endeavors came to a halt when his father fell ill in 2011.

After witnessing his dad’s passing, and internalizing the fact that his pops never

realized his own beautiful dreams, he decided it was time to shelve his collaborative

projects and create music on his own terms. In 2016 he formed HOLY WOW!,

positioning himself for the first time as the sole creative spearhead.

The official HOLY WOW! Debut album, Modern Ancient Man, is due out January 18 th

and boasts an impressive collection of philosophically rich, romantic songs, built on

electric back-beats and distorted melodic guitars, falling in line with the work of the

Cramps, Jesus and Mary Chain as well as modern indie rockers MGMT and Franz


“I feel this release really embodies the mystic essence of HOLY WOW!” Dmitry

asserts, citing the cryptic nature of the band name. “It’s sacred, yet with commercial



Dreamland Single

"Modern Ancient Man"

Set List

Have Fun
Are You Looking for Love?
Falling Into Place
Big City Lights
Wild Nature
Hey Dragon