Wowser Bowser

Wowser Bowser

 Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

Wowser Bowser is an electronic pop band from Atlanta, GA. We make happy pop music that sounds like ice cream tastes. Our live shows are intensely colorful and wacky. We like every movie Bill Murray has EVER BEEN IN. Also, racecars!


Okay, here we go. Wowser Bowser is better than N’SYNC, hands down. They hail from Atlanta, GA. There are usually at least three of them on stage. They like balloons and dancing. They dislike candy corn. Yuck. Wowser Bowser plays children’s music for adults. Dragon-Pop. Dance-tastic jams. Wanna cookie? How about 500 cookies that you place in your ears?!


Water Story 7 '' - November 2010
Wowser Bowser LP - January 2012