Wrath Of Man
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Wrath Of Man

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Band Metal


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This band has not uploaded any videos


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It all started years ago in the dark recesses of a Metalhead’s demented mind. Not being able to vent his frustrations at the world through somebody else’s music, Demitrios “the Executioner” Vessiropoulos grabbed his guitar, personal digital recorder and all manner of other inspiration (Sparks & Mahstoora) and finally was able to release his true feelings through his own music. It started to flow out of him like a river of blood and after writing song after song, he was satisfied. Yet he knew something was missing. How can one mere mortal unleash a wall of flesh-ripping diabolical madness with just one guitar? IMPOSSIBLE! There had to be others out there that shared his twisted sense of Metal madness. Surely he could find some like-minded brethren...
…and brothers he found in the form of George “the Butcher” & Kostas “the Piecemaker” Georgoulopoulos(G), Wrath of Man’s ground-pounding rhythm section. With George raging thunder on bass, Kostas hammering out drum beats like a blacksmith at his forge, and the brothers’ genetically enhanced ability to lock on to and destroy any rhythm, Wrath of Man was one step closer to Demitrios’ vision of aural devastation.
Yet somehow the sound was not complete and the low frequencies were threatening to overshadow Demitrios’ guitar work. As fate would have it, Kostas G introduced Wrath of Man to his friend Kostas “Caveman” Tranxidis(T), a fellow guitar shredder of epic proportions and ideal complement to Demitrios’ powerful and rhythmic grind. One look at Kostas T’s rough exterior and you see a man ready for battle. One would not imagine that his hands possessed the finesse and skill to turn his guitar into an axe with a razor’s edge, always at the ready to split your skull with a brutal onslaught of tube-driven power!
Now the sound was complete, but how to spread the Wrath? For those uninitiated in the language of power chords and distortion, the group now needed a way to convey their messages lyrically. But Wrath of Man didn’t need a singer, they needed a vocalist that would set free the voices of a thousand tortured souls. Like a corpse clawing his way out of an early grave, Matt unleashes unholy fury on the living as Wrath of Man’s explosive warhead.
Now that the five have combined their powers and are working collaboratively on new music and material, Wrath of Man has far exceeded Demitrios’ expectations in the realm of heaviness and brutality. They are now ready to take their version of Heavy Metal to new heights…… But beware, for the Wrath of Man worketh not the righteousness of God!!!