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So you hate the bubblegum kiddy bop rapper named Lil (insert name here) or Young (insert name) that is currently playing on your radio? Well so does Wreck1! Wreck1 is a brash, in your face, sometimes comedic, underground emcee from the Albany Area of New York. Check him out!


Raised from the gritty battle circuits throughout the state of New York. Wreck1 rose up and made himself known as a premier emcee and as a shark amongst the many fish in the sea of NY rap artists. Focusing mostly on battling, Wreck1 eventually began recording at 16 and releasing countless mixtapes every year since. Wreck1's debut album, entitled Wreck1's World has sold over a thousand copies with no distribution deal or label backing through myspace and his website, www.wreck1online.com . Wreck1 is accepted by a wide variety of audiences opening for many bands in the hardcore/metal scene while setting up his own tours in the U.S.A, Wreck1 was able to connect with a booking agent in Europe and plans to head overseas in 2008. Wreck1 is also currently working on his 2nd ablum featuring the production of multi platinum producers, Mr. Porter of the group D-12 and Rocwilder. The project will feature beats by Mr. Porter and Rocwilder along with some other collaborations.
Contact Info -
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/wreck1
email: wreck1@wreck1online.com
Cellphone: 518-956-2803 - ask for Shane


Wreck1 recieves a lot of airplay on various internet radios as well as many college radios in the northeast. So far he has released the following:

EP's and LP's -
2007 - Wreck1's World - Independantly (Worldwide)
Mixtapes -
2007 - King Of The Town, Talk Of The City - Wreck1 and Gaddy
2006 - The King Midas Touch - Wreck1 (Nationwide)
2005 - The Good Side of Being The Bad Guy (Northeast)
2004 - The Benny Project - Criminal Intentionz (Northeast)
2004 - The Session Vol. 2 - Double A (Northeast)
2004 - Full Metal Jacket - Criminal Intentionz (Northeast)
2004 - NoWhere To Hide - Wreck1 (Northeast)
2003 - Rollin' 22's With No Engine - Wreck1 (Northeast)

Set List

Set length varies depending on the bill and amount of time the venue provides. If you can fit me in. I will perform. 5 minutes to an hour and a half.