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This band has not uploaded any videos



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"A special thanks to the regional bands who played The Rave in 2007....Wreck1 and DJ KlownKid"

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"Wreck1 is dope as hell G"

Wreck1 is dope. He will be featured on the All or Nuthin Rhyme Wars DVD coming soon!!! - Alex Medina - Medina Inc. (DVD/MTV Producer)

"Wreck1 on DopeisAsDopeDoes.com"

*”Uncut (DOPE)”- Is a section in DopeIsAsDopeDoes where I bring to you, hip hop, an up-and-coming, raw artist (Think: Source’s Unsigned Hype Circa ‘98). For our first Uncut (DOPE) I bring you…

Wreck 1

“Hold the industry hostage with a compact disc.”-Wreck 1 on “Eat A Dick”

Wreck 1 (momma know him as Shane LaBounty Jr.) is a burgeoning new MC with a mix of multisyllabalic lyricism, morbid humor and wit that is reminiscent of a certain mutliple Grammy Award winning, diamond selling rapper. Wreck 1 definitely shows the influence of Eminem in his rhyming style and content to the point where sometimes you have to look at your MP3 to make sure you didn’t accidentally play an Em. But after a few listens to such tracks as the head knod-inducing “Onion Breath” or the Denaun Porter-produced banger “Ain’t A Riddle”, Wreck 1 begins to etch his own identity in your mind. Dont get it twisted, he hasn’t blown up yet but he’s been on his fucken grind, opening up for acts such as Nas, KRS ONE, and members of the Wu Tang(cant name all of them cause it’s like 2 million of them motherfuckers.) Below you can check out and/or download two songs by Mr. Wreck 1, “Eat A Dick” and “Onion Breath.” Be on the look out for his EP SuperVillian Circus coming to an iTunes near you. And check him out at his myspace.


Link - http://dopeisasdopedoes.wordpress.com/2008/10/20/uncut-dope-wreck-1/#comments - UnCut Dope Editor


LP's and EP's
2008 - Super Villain's Circus EP - Currently on Itunes, Amazon.com, Rhapsody, Napster and more.

2007's All or Nuthin Rhyme Warz filmed in Seattle, WA-
Coming soon to all Best Buy locations.

Rollin 22's With No Engine Mixtape(2003)
NoWhere To Hide Mixtape(2004)
Full Metal Jacket Mixtape(2004)
The Benny Project Mixtape(2005)

DJ Klown Kids King Of The Town, Talk of The City (2007)
Double A's The Session Vol. 1,2,3 (2004-2007)



Wreck1 is a hip hop artists who pulls no punches while taking aim at his blinged out counterparts whenever he gets the change to have his words recorded. Already capturing fans of Eminem’s earlier albums, Wreck1 uses his New York arrogance, along with the conscious sarcasm of Kanye West, and the vocabulary and voice very reminiscent of Slim Shady himself, to lock listeners into his every word.

“A lot of rappers nowadays suck. And I’m going to use my last breath to make sure you know that” states the 22 year old Wreck1, who began rhyming just to make parodies of top 40 songs in his pre teen years. At sixteen, Wreck1 began taking hip hop more serious as he began to battle locally under different aliases before settling on his graffiti tag as his rap name. He then found himself on stage at national competitions spanning from New York to Seattle.

Using the internet as a tool long before Myspace and YouTube, Wreck1 began building a buss by using hip hop message boards to connect with artists through out the country and the rest of the world. He then began using that fan base to book himself on tours through out the USA. Wreck1 has been book at notable venues from the Knitting Factory in New York, all the way the Viper Room in Los Angeles. Wreck1 has also collaborated on songs with artists from New York and Atlanta to the United Kingdom and Belgium.

Wreck1 has released a debut EP in October of 2008 that is moving album and single units on Itunes and is selling CD copies at live shows and through his Myspace. The EP features 8 tracks produced by Mr. Porter of the platinum selling rap group, D-12 and also features Mr. Porter on the second track “Ain’t a Riddle.” Wreck1 has also worked on a single with the Grammy award winning producer, Rocwilder, titled “My DJ, Your Girlfriend.”