Wreckin SquaDD (2Dz)

Wreckin SquaDD (2Dz)

 Cleveland, Ohio, USA
BandHip HopRock

If you want your patrons leaving your event with a memorable experience, and actually entertained, then this is the group for you. Wreckin SquaDD has set trends for artists such as MGK. Their catchy songs, amazing stage performance, and their Dummiez (inside out jeans), turns heads & moves crowds.


Formed with two brothers from different mothers, Jeremy Garner stage name Lil Jay, born August 23, and Tone' Smith stage name Lil Tone, born August 2, make up this dynamic duo, Wreckin Squadd (2D'z).

In 2008, after sitting in a friends basement, Lil Tone, Lil Jay, and a couple other friends decided to take their music more seriously. This was not their first encounter with music, as both have a musical background; so somethings that others would consider difficult, came easy to them. They started making songs and practicing contemporary dance moves. Eventually, this circle of eight young men came up with the group Wreckin' Squadd.

Each individual within the group had their own following, which aided in them taking over the local high schools in Cleveland, OH. Wreckin Squadd became known as the youngest and hardest working artists, online promoters, street team promoters, and one of the best dance groups in Cleveland, OH.

From 2008 to 2011, Wreckin' Squadd has been performing at various clubs throughout Ohio. They opened up for various artists such as Paul Wall, Jadakiss, Slim Thug, Young Buck, Wooh Da Kid, just to name a few. Throughout the years, Wreckin Squadd, like any other artists on the rise, had their share of bumps in the road. Trials and tribulations in life took the group from its original members down to just Lil Tone and Lil Jay alone. Lil Tone and Lil Jay were the only two in the group that really had a passion for rapping, and the only two that viewed it more as an art and skill, rather than just putting rhyming words to a hot beat.

Realizing that their dream, drive, passion, and love for what they do is all they have, they never gave up. They went the extra step to set themselves apart from other artists. The two brothers created their own genre called Crunk-Hop, which mixes different aspects of HipHop, Rock, and Crunk. Being different just did not stop at the category of their music, they even created their own image by wearing inside out jeans, they call "Dummiez". They were criticized about the way they dressed by some, but they did not care because they were in a world of their own, creating their own style. Today, everyone is awaiting their new clothing line "Dummie Wear".

Currently, "Bird Money" and "I'm Tatted" are two of their most popular songs. They are recognized for their high energy at shows and in their videos, such as "From The Hood"(Street Single). Other virals that received heavy numbers online within the first month, are "Bird Money", "Gigga Mane", and "Stay With A Condom" (encouraging safe sex to their peers) just to name a few. Be on the look out for their upcoming radio single "Party Still Jumping" and new street single, "Only." Wreckin SquaDD's music can be found on most networking and musical sites including, but not limited to, MySpace, Reverbnation, Datpiff, LiveMixtapes, Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM, and many blogs. Due to the many online resources, Wreckin SquaDD has managed to gain a following in OH, L.A., TX, NC, NYC, NE, and MS just to name a few. This road to success that Wreckin SquaDD is on, is clearly a non-stop, full throttle ride. They are two hungry but humble young men that refuses to lose.
"We make our own path," says Lil Tone.
Lil Jay followed saying, "We are CRUNK-HOP."


Radio Singles: "Bird Money" & "I'm Tatted"

Street Singles: "From The Hood" & "B!tch Made"

EP: "The Promo Disc"

Mixtapes: "Wreckin In Session" & "A Full Wreckin In Session"

Upcoming Singles: "Party Still Jumping" & "Dirty Rock"

Upcoming Mixtapes: "2Dz Nation" & "Drink Up, Roll Up" Vol. 1

Set List

Set list depends on the duration of the performance. Each set will include current single Wreckin SquaDD is pushing.