Triumph Over Shipwreck

Triumph Over Shipwreck


You know those times when life gets rough, the moments you're at your lowest low and the world wants you down? Imagine being locked in a room full of angry hornets, stinging you until you make things right and let things go. Triumph Over Shipwreck is about making the best out of personal disaster.


Triumph Over Shipwreck, This talented five piece ensemble hails from the El Paso, Texas metal and hardcore scene. Musically, they skillfully blend multiple genres together to create their ,”Controlled Chaos”, sound. Formed circa 2007 in El Paso, TX, Triumph Over Shipwreck is a collective of driven individuals looking to push the limits of themselves and others with their music. With multiple demo releases and an EP release, Crowncrusher , this band is constantly touring and looking to insight a riot with their intensity.


Word Distortion (demo) 2008