Wren City Churches

Wren City Churches


Wren City Churches explore humanity as if longingly gazing to the horizon at a colourful setting sun while blindfolded. With the optimistic pop laden drive of The Flaming Lips and the intense introspection of Mogwai they have managed to develop their own nostalgic version of the truth.


Wren City Churches is a post-punk indie pop outfit from Toronto, Ontario. The band formed in late 2003 when long-time collaborators Mike Jones (bass, vocals) and Adam Brylowski (guitar) were joined by James Brylowski on drums and Matt Davis as a second guitarist and vocalist.

With influences including Pinback, Modest Mouse and The Sea and Cake, Wren City Churches explores melody and rhythm in a way that can be both upbeat and danceable as well as measured and introspective.

Over the past two years, Wren City Churches has gigged extensively throughout southern Ontario, with a focus on the Toronto scene. The band has performed with a plethora of Toronto’s best indie talent, as well as with larger acts such as Victory Records’ The Black Maria. Some highlights include a capacity performance at The Starlight in November 2005 with controller.controller, and a successful showcase with Austin’s The Tuna Helpers at last year’s NXNE.

Wren City Churches has released one EP, 2004’s City Silos. The band has since recorded a number of demo tracks, and is preparing to return to the studio to record a full-length album.


City Silos EP - 2004