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"There is this feeling that I find hard to put into words, but it is big and open and speaks to me of larger than life songs."

Wretchedpain is an unsigned death metal band from St. Catharines, Ontario. This is a good thing as I’m very much in a death metal mood today. For an unsigned band I was surprised at the metal pedigree of some of these guys. Current and former bands include Mithras, The Berzerker, Daath, Chimaira, Misery Index and Dying Fetus. With connections like that I don’t expect they’ll stay unsigned for long.

Their bio lists them as death metal, tech metal, and grind with a heavy groove. That sounds about right to me. I’m digging this because it has the heavy and kind of brutal death metal aspect going on, but at the same time the music retains a tight form where you can get off on the chunky riffs (see “The Absence of Reason.”) The songs have structure to them that is often lacking in death metal these days. And the vocals, while thick and harsh are also intelligible enough to make out what he’s saying. That is always a bonus in my opinion.

For an unsigned band I would say the production sounds pretty good. I might expect a little more from it given the experience of some of these guys, but honestly it is good enough. I would like to hear a little more crispness in the mix and a little more punch in the low end instruments, but that is just nitpicking. The more I listen to this album the more I like it, so who cares about the little details like that right?

There’s been something stylistic about this album I haven’t been able to put my finger on and I’m starting to want to say it has an epic feel to it. Epic is something I would normally associate with power metal or doom metal, not death metal, yet some of these songs just sound…large. There is this feeling that I find hard to put into words, but it is big and open and speaks to me of larger than life songs. I may not be able to accurately describe it, but it definitely helps to set these guys apart from the herd when I am listening to it.

I hope Wretchedpain finds their way onto one of the larger metal labels. I’d like to hear where they go from here. - Metal Disciple


2010 - Congregation



Niagara vocalist Joey Glacken has fused a solid cast of seasoned metal heads into his current project: wretchedpain. Initially conceived nearly a decade ago, wretchedpain pools its heavy talent from lead guitarist Sam Bean of Mithras, The Senseless, and formerly The Berzerker, drummer Kevin Talley of Daath, and formerly Chimaira, Misery Index and Dying Fetus, and bass player Dan Mackie of MDM and Defence Mechanism. The debut album "Congregation" was mixed and mastered by veteran Chris "Zeuss" Harris, producer of Hatebreed, Chimaira, Whitechapel, and Shadows Fall. Melding elements of death metal, tech metal, and grind with a heavy groove, sets wretchedpain apart from others. The band is true to its music, refuses to be ignored and is set to bring their brutal metal to the world.

In 2010 Wretchedpain unleashed it’s debut album upon the world and recruited a talented line-up to carry forward with an intense live show that has destroyed everything in it’s past. In late 2010 Cale Costello and Matt Grabon came onboard on drums and bass respectively( Both formerly of Niagara Falls based tech/death metal band Bathed in Blood). As well, they recently welcomed Aaron Guthridge on lead guitar whose shredding abilities are unmatched.

Having shared the stage with such acts as Napalm Death, The Last Felony and Threat Signal in 2011, Wretchedpain set forth on world domination and have conquered all in their path.

In 2012, Wretchedpain began writing their sophmore effort and is currently working with Jean-Francois Dagenais of Kataklysm on the mixing and mastering. Throughout the writing process, Wretchedpain played many high profile shows and festivals along side such national acts as Beneath the Massacre, Baptized in Blood, Revocation and A Life Once Lost and currently has opening slots for bands such as Job For A Cowboy, The Faceless and Cryptopsy.