Written in Red

Written in Red


Combining several different influences into one sonic package, Southern Chicago's Written in Red strives to bring as much energy and meaning to our music as is possible. Our goal has been to mesh a powerful live show with memorable vocal lines and lyrical content that anyone can relate to.


A lush atmosphere of rhythmic guitar chords with an aggressive rhythm section is the signature framework of Written in Red. In it's earliest incarnation, the band was started years ago when brothers Rob and Justin began playing together. After many twist, turns and band names, long time friend and guitarist Jordan came on board. He added a new dimension to the music that the brothers had never thought possible. Enter Jennifer, a young talented, singer/songwriter in her own right, who could not only sing, but play guitar and piano as well. Adding dynamic vocal melodies, lyrical content and sincerity, there was no question that she was the front person this band had always needed. We began retooling old material while writing of new material.
Having spend the last year in the studio finishing our first album, "The Best of What's Around", we are concentrating on playing out again. We believe that our live show supports our studio efforts in an energetic and powerful way. With over 175,000 hits on our myspace account since January of 2008 and 17,00 plays over Labor Day weekend on our #3 track, Swimming with Sharks" alone, we are very excited.

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Written By: Written in Red

Three a.m. she stumbles in again
Another night she’s sick of him
She doesn’t know when to call it a night
She could never break her fever
Be the stand alone girl
One day she’s gonna break away
What a miricle she’s still alive

The hours that she’d waste with him
How long his loving arms
Would be the well-predicted death of her

What you put her through
It’s all because of you
Another night she’d loose
Commit this to memory
She’s loosing all her sanity
Loosing all her sanity


I’m slipping slow
On my knees
Down to the floor
On my knees
My knees
My knees
One day she’s gonna break away


The Chase

Written By: Written in Red

The Chase
Slip past her quietly
Kiss her cheek gently
Shut the door silently
Oh the things she’ll never know

Slip up to me slowly
Kiss my lips tenderly
Make this night endless
Oh the things she’ll never know
Press your hips to mine
Just to see, how it feels
Leave this world behind
I have to know, how it feels

Let me touch you just once
Let me flaw you just once
She never has to know
She never has to know
Let me show you just once
How i can please you just once
She never has to know
She never has to know

Here in the dark don’t be afraid
My heartbeat died
Decisions were made
Send her away back where she came
You’ll be amazed
How quickly she was replaced

Static Lullaby

Written By: Written in Red

Static Lullaby
A few more hours
‘Til the sun cuts through the night
The darkness fades to color
No more black and white
Reaching out I touch the last
Of the velvet skies
I watch them lie and suffer
My heart stops

Screaming whispers
A static lullaby
Speak to me without a sound
Help before I loose it all
Come to me
Do to me as i have done to you
Without a sound

I’ll watch them lie and suffer
My heart stops

It’s always hard to watch things
Slip away
Letting hope be the only candle in the Darkness
I'm left with a one handed grip
Holding tight to what I love


Swimming With Sharks

Written By: Written in Red

Swimming with Sharks
These past few years have been the same
They're far from what we want now
Let's try this sudden change of pace
And let it happen
Take this shot now
Throw it back all at once
The sooner she's down
The faster that she'll come unwound
Let's take that dream you had
Let it fall to tragedy

Give her all that you have left
The rest of you belongs to me
My fingers grasp your apathy
You're worthless, Nothing
You're nothing to me

I laugh my self to sleep
You should've been there with me
Sink your teeth into that
I hope that you love the taste of
Your own mistakes on your tongue


We're through
And I
Can hardly take it
I'll die
And lie
To get my heart through to you
If you
My life my everything
My smile
You were my everything



The Best of What's Around

Set List

We preform out entire CD, plus covers from energetic bands like Paramore, Flyleaf, Stone Temple Pilots plus medoly's from Led Zeplin, Black Sabbath, Wolfmother, Paramore, Stone Temple Pilots and more.

Can accomodate 2 hour show with cover music.