Written In Red

Written In Red


Melodic Metal with an aggressive edge. Avoiding the cookie-cutter style which is saturating the market today we have created a style which produces a rich, full sound with a technically progressive component. the style blends characteristics of old and new metal keeping it relevant but unique.


Written In Red has been together since early 2007, a metal band formed on the influences of Tool and Pantera, naming only a couple, the line up was assembled through friends who have played together in various other bands as well as having experience in live music though indivdual projects. Marcus (Vocals) has recently entered into live music and has already established himself with a powerful voice and an energy onstage which many frontmen are without; Darryl (Vocals/Guitar) did some of his more serious work with Usher (band, not the artist); Jer (Drums) and Matt (Guitar) both spent a period of time in Baroque playing a number of shows in the GTA; prior to that Matt and Mike (Bass/Backup Vocals) shared a couple of years in Tune when they first began playing together; additionally, Mike got his start with Scrap Metal in the mid-nineties and also played a stint with Soul Stripper. With up to 12 years of background experience for some of its members, Written In Red has been able to accumulate a large fan base in a short period of time becoming one of the better known acts in the Toronto metal scene.


1 full studio track has been recorded to date for use in an upcoming music video beginning production in late February 2009.

Set List

Bruised, Pride, Blood Red, Topless (cover), Ann Aberration, Void, Look out, Dry Your Eye, To Pieces.

set length: 60 mins

generally we focus on writing new material, cover songs are typically only used for practice purposes.