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Wrongwrongwrong @ Hunter Gatherer Brewery

Columbia, South Carolina, USA

Columbia, South Carolina, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



— In the ‘90s, local trio Jebel combined spastic, elastic rock with jazz, punk and more-exotic sounds to create a truly unique style. Bryan Wade, the warped guitarist and vocalist of the group, has been in Brooklyn since the band’s final shows in 1997; he still plays music, but it has been mostly acoustic and folk groups until now. This homecoming show features Wade along with two former Jebel drummers, Stan Gardner and David Kelley (Gardner will play bass this time around), performing what Wade describes as very “Jebel-esque” songs. Kevin Oliver - Free Times, Columbia, SC Ja. 15, 2009 (free-times.com)

wrongwrongwrong — Missed Bryan Wade’s triumphant return to Columbia in January? Fret not, loyal reader, as the ex-Jebel leader brings his new band back to the friendly confines of the Hunter-Gatherer. Since his move to Brooklyn, Wade’s been going the folk route, but this current outfit — which features ex-Jebel mates Stan Gardner and David Kelly — melds that introspection with Jebel’s off-kilter awesomeness. If Wade’s fractured pop is wrongwrongwrong, I don’t know that I want to be rightrightright.
P. Wall - Free Times, Columbia, SC (www.free-times.com)



Kill Time
Shout Out

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WRONGRWONGRONG’s oddrock sound has two parents: a dead band and a homework assignment.

Wrong's lineup is Bryan Wade on guitar and vocals, Stan Gardner on bass, and David Kelly on drums—musicians who all played in the quirky post-punk band, Jebel, in the mid-nineties. Jebel combined the disparate influences of power punksters Nomeansno with the psychedelic oddities of Syd Barrett to create their own, very unique sounds over five years and two albums. Stan and David never actually performed together as they were each Jebel's drummer at different stages of the band's life. So 10 years after Jebel died, Bryan stirred the ashes and WRONGRWONGRONG rose up with Jebel's singular style as its foundation.

Master guitarist, Robert Newton, introduced the second major element of WRONGRWONGRONG's equation in the form of an academic assignment. After Jebel disbanded in '97, Bryan began studying with Robert, one of the Southeast’s most renowned guitar instructors.
When discussing methods of learning unusual scales and chords, Robert mentioned that he would one day like to have a set of play-along tracks in these unusual keys for his students to practice improvising solos. He envisioned complete, composed and arranged songs rather than the more common generic rhythm track that can be found on companion CDs in music method books. Bryan secretly began working on this project and completed a dozen songs in diminished, whole-tone and harmonic minor modes before he simply lost interest in the material. It seemed very academic and too confining to stay strictly in one key so he dropped it and mostly kept the results in his pocket.

Years later, after having moved to New York City, gotten married, and played in folk, surf and jazz bands, Bryan got a strong itch to write in the Jebel style again. Having grown tremendously as a musician since Jebel disbanded, Bryan realized that he could now compose the sounds that he had wanted to use during Jebel’s life. Following that interest he found himself working with the set of odd harmonies and scales that he had composed for Robert’s project. Here he found the strange and familiar combined; music that repelled and attracted at once, just like life. So WRONGRWONGRONG was born as a way to be ok with the uncomfortable, a way to strive for something new while not taking ourselves too seriously and, most importantly, a way to find cool sounds in what we usually dismiss as wrong.