Wrong Way - A Tribute to Sublime

Wrong Way - A Tribute to Sublime

 Athens, Georgia, USA

The music of Wrong Way IS the Music of Sublime; a unique blend of styles ranging from reggae and dance hall beats to punk and ska. It is our goal to succesfully reproduce the sound of Sublime from their albums, while still keeping all the energy and drive of their live performances.


Wrong Way was formed in February of 2005 by members of the local music scene in Athens, GA. While each of those members was already in one or more of their own original projects, it was their goal to create a Sublime tribute band solely as a side project. A side project that would enable them to perform in and around town a few times a month, have a good time, and hopefully get a few drinks out of the bargain. It soon became clear though, that this music was far too popular to keep the band in only one town. Within 2 months of starting, Wrong Way began performing shows all over the Southeast and today the band is touring and playing more than ever!

Set List

1. Doin Time
2. 40 Oz
3. Wrong Way
4. Same in the End
5. 5446/Ball and Chain
6. Smoke Two Joints
7. Steppin Razor
8. April 26, 1992
9. Right Back
10. Amber(311)
11. Ebin
12. DJ's
13. Rivers of Babylon
14. I Shot the Sheriff (Bob Marley)
15. Seed
16. Johnny Butt
17. Work that We Do
18. Don't Push
19. Pawnshop
20. Garden Grove
21. Santeria
22. Waiting in Vain (Bob Marley)
23. Arrogance
24. Whose Got the Herb (311)
25. Ruca
26. Badfish
27. Jailhouse
28. Slow Ride
29. Let's Get Stoned
30. Hope
31. STP
32. Beautiful Disaster (311)
33. Burritos
34. Saw Red
35. Date Rape
36. Get Ready
37. Scarlet Begonias
38. What Happened
39. Caress Me Down
40. What I Got

Other Songs include: KRS One, Mary, Poolshark, Hong Kong Fooey, No Woman No Cry (Bob Marley), Cisco Kid, Bend Down Low (Bob Marley), Paddle Out, Pressure Drop (Toots and the Maytals)

We generally tailor our sets to whatever the c