Wry Dawn

Wry Dawn


An unusually new acoustic-based music, Wry Dawn is like Dylan, Earle and Claypool joining the Soggy Bottom Boys at the top of a mountain for a lyrically polished, electrically driven, knee-slappin' yet thought-provokingly good time... Right on? Wry Dawn!


Wry Dawn, the "grinnin' good-times grass-rock group" from Dallas, Texas, is looking for yet "Another Horizon." In anticipation of their upcoming release, "Where The Sun Goes," the band embarks on their first ever tour in 2006. They'll do a (mostly acoustic) tour of the Midwestern and Eastern U.S. from mid-May to mid-July.

Predicting a Wry Dawn show is a monumental -- if not impossible -- task, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We could be hosting an all day jam fest to support the local food bank. We could be broadcasting live over the Internet. We could be playing to a captive crowd in Dallas' West End or an intimate gathering in any number of small pubs. We could be playing on top of a DUKW in the Dallas White Rock marathon or in a backyard during someone's 30th wedding anniversary. We could be burning through a set of top-notch classic covers or encouraging audience participation in our many original songs. Wry Dawn is all this and more...

Wry Dawn was founded in March '02 as a strange acoustic (call it "folkalternative") trio, with the songs of singer/songwriter D.W. Hadley serving as the band's main fare. Several lineups came and went, though they remain wonderfully collaborative and supportive friends, and DW finally found his foil in fellow singer/songwriter/lead guitarist Paul Caceres. The two perform (very) often as an acoustic duo. When standby everything man "JG" Gruber joins them on drums, or when their many other co-collaborators and friends are called on, the duo blossoms into an electric-acoustic experience that keeps one foot deep in the folk-grass and one firmly on the rock-n-roll.

At present, you'll find Wry Dawn at most shows manifesting as a twin guitar attack (with harmonica and occasional bass, Papoose and mandolin), but we are preparing for a full-on "String Thing" celebration with the addition of banjo, dulcimer, lap steel, bouzouki and whatever else we can get our restless hands on. Of course, the percussion "fun kit" is always ready to be distributed amongst the fans!

One way or another, you will become involved, and we'll all be better for it!



Where The Sun Goes (2006, upcoming release)
Live at the Elbow Room (2006, upcoming release)
Blue Sky (2004)

Songs (streaming and radio play @ SongPlanet.com)

Whatcha Say
Blue Sky
Through Your Eyes
American Boy

Set List

A "typical set list" does not exist within the Wry Dawn framework. With 20-25 solid "grass-rock" originals and an extensive and eclectic list of covers (rock, folk, alt-country, Americana, bluegrass and even TV show themes!), no two Wry Dawn shows can ever be the same, and often the same song differs night to night. Sets are usually 45-60 minutes in length, and Wry Dawn does not tire easily. (The full-band record for playing without breaks is 3 hours and 12 minutes; the duo record lies in the neighborhood of 4 hours!)