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WT Feaster


Playing festivals with the likes as John Mayall, Taj Mahal, Jimmie Vaughan, Chuck Berry, Jethro Tull & shared the stage with Joe Kubek, Bobby Rush, Tad Robinson & Tinsley Ellis to name just a few WT Feaster is sure to please if you have a heart beat. Any crowd, any size, anywhere.


WT Feaster

His friends call him Travis. Born in Indiana his childhood was like most others. Involved in sports and like many, envisioned a life in the big leagues. Upon finishing high school Travis was offered a scholarship to pursue his dream and play baseball college when fate delivered a twisted blow. Injured his freshman season he would no longer be able to pursue that dream…but what to do?

For the first time Travis took up playing guitar and quickly found the true passion that was dormant inside of him. Blues/ rock influences filled his soul and he developed a thirst for more. He knew this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life and his sizzling licks and solid interpretations of the classics soon earned him a reputation as one of the best blues/ rock guitarist around while maintaining his humble approach to the art.

WT Feaster the band was born. Working his trade out of Indianapolis, Indiana he hasn’t looked back. A regular at the famous Slippery Noodle in Indianapolis, he has become a crowd favorite sure to set your soul on fire. While cutting his teeth in the local scene he has established a loyal following in a relatively short amount of time making many regional festivals and other venues. Most recently Travis made a triumphant return from his second tour of the UK where he performed on the main stage in Maryport, England. Here’s what the Blues Wax magazine had to say about this young, hot trio.:

“From Blues Wax Magazine from this years Maryport, England festival –July 2009: " The hardest slot was undoubtedly the first on Saturday afternoon given that the W T Feaster Band from Indianapolis are generally unknown to British blues fans despite having blazed the pub trail at last years festival to rave reviews. This is all set to change with national exposure of their set on the Paul Jones Show on BBC Radio 2 and a host of radio and magazine interviews in the UK and USA. Feastermania is about to enter the blues vocabulary given the number of fans from all over the UK who followed the three talented musicians to Newcastle upon Tyne to see their next gig, and the prolific You Tube and other website postings. From the moment Travis Feaster confidently launched into Born Under A Bad Sign until the finale, Hey Joe, the local nuclear power station was made redundant. The raw energy generated seemed to suck over 1000 spectators into the marquee within minutes as Feaster pushed his guitar to unprecedented heights with an amazing dexterity reminiscent of Hendrix and SRV. However, it is the original material such as Devils Daughter and Back For More which will give the band international success, together with superb interpretations of classics like Otis Redding’s Mr Pitiful."

From Blues Matters – a CD review for his first release they said: “After years in residency at the famous Slippery Noodle Inn, the W.T. Feaster Band has come up with ten great original songs confirming the transition to accomplished musicians in their own right. Celebrity endorsement has already come from Tad Robinson, one of the top singers of Soul Blues, who opines, "Nice sounds, good songs, and great playing. The CD is a mix of Blues, Rock, Soul, and groovy Funk, with Feaster proving that he can write poignant lyrics as well as play one of the fastest guitars in the Midwest.”

Finally what the fans are saying. “On Saturday I went to check out the W T Feaster band, from Indiana USA, after discovering they were playing in Blaydon. I was surprised at the turnout before I even got in the venue, obviously they’ve garnered many fans in their couple of weeks playing up here and after hearing them, it’s easy to see why. I really enjoyed the gig.”

“I had the benefit of seeing this band several times when they were over here, and thought they were absolutely awesome! I’ve never had a better night.”

“Whenever they come back, wherever they are, I’ll go to see them. I traveled 120 miles to see them and wouldn’t have missed it.”


Long Over Due - 2007
As of February of 2008, "Long Overdue" was in the top 40 albums on CD Baby.com
Currently working on his second release.

Set List

A mixture of originals and covers in the Blues Rock Genre working everything from solo acoustic set up to 4 piece as necessary.