Welcome The Silence

Welcome The Silence


high intensity rock with about as much emotion as you could cram in a song. thoughtful guitar riffs driven by tank tread drum lines. something that goes back to the purpose that birthed music in the first place, a need to exspress a feeling, a state of mind that mere spoken words fail to articulate.


the music produced by this band has fallen short of almost every genre label that the industry has attemted cram the new artist of today in. full of heartfelt lyrics , genuine conflict driven emotion and a refreshing sense of identity. this could only be expected form a group with such a broad collection of particeapents. denovan is a product of years of different bands . no doubt trying to find his voice among all the other singers on the map.what started with sudo metal bands in his junior high years and later evolved into ska and punk bands in a more formative highe school setting finaly brought him to "hardcore" from otis redding to sepultura. that was the genisis of this singer to be.
the brothers (justin and craig)of the band would be a different story altogether playing together with there good friend maccart for almost nine years would give them an advantage most musicians would kill for ,time.time to memorize each othes moves before they were made.in turn making the music writhing process as simple as recieting your own name. all of them had ther stints in other groups, fully equipt, radly, but some how found them selves back together createing Welcome The Silence.


welcome the silence has produced a self titled album and just recently released ther second full lenth album "is anyone listening?" they have had spins on all of ther local radio stations including 100.5 the katt,94.7 the buzz and 98.9 kiss fm. also several live apperences with live prefomences acoustic and full on rocked out.

Set List

welcome the silence can play up to 26 orginal songs at any given time useual prefering to play an hour and twenty minuets of ther new album and a couple off there first album
useual set list is as follows
2.don't tell me
3.bleeding heart
4.greatest time
5.one single word
7.walk away
8.long way home
10.so long
11.let them change
13.no consequence
14.black circle red star
16. in the air tonight(genesis)