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We, the Undersigned

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada | INDIE

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada | INDIE
Band Metal Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Bleed the Constants review"

Coming up with witty intros to these things can become quite a chore after awhile. Then again, the alternative of (city name)'s (band name) have released (album name), their (album number) in (years of existence) on (record label) is pretty lame, too. Thankfully for you, kind reader, I've included BOTH right here, without doing either! My little melee of an intro echoes the variety found in We, the Undersigned's Bleed The Constants. Thankfully for you, kind listener, that melee isn't nearly
as forced or mockingly self-aware.

Though you could probably label it a spastic slice of metal, Bleed The
Constants is loaded with not-so-hidden hints of several other kinds of heavy music. In any given track, the band is able to shift between stoner rock riffs and grindcore shreddery quite smoothly, which is without a doubt one of the true strengths of the record. "Burning Bodies" is a really strong track, and perhaps the quintessential example of the band's formula at work. The track features a propelling rhythmic base, atop which some really great
riffs are laid - from mean metal pull-offs to those aforementioned stoner jams worthy of a slow, steady head bob. Tyler Feeney's chaotic croons really add to the intensity of the track, while also anchoring it with a totally memorable vocal melody. Great use of the triplet, gents.

Throughout the record, the time signature shifts are tasteful and, most importantly, logical. Cohesiveness = often the missing ingredient in a spastic experimental metal record.

The title track is another great one worthy of isolated insight. The vocal variance within is certainly notable, and the track has a brutally heavy breakdown that propels the track to a new level of freshness instead of pushing it down to predictability. "Samadhi" sounds like a lost session from Protest The Hero's Kezia, albeit with a much different vocal performance. The track is certainly a good one, as like the other named tracks above, it creates a nice hybrid of a straightforward melodic plot line with some chaotic, dizzying moments thrown in the mix.

We, the Undersigned are at their best when bouncing off-the-wall with that brand of insane asylum audio - and there's plenty of that to be found here. Still, that sound is best presented in short, spastic bursts, and at times, the band's intensity is a bit diluted by over-drawn passages. The instrumental track is an example of a musical minute the album could do without. That said, the majority of the record is loaded with
seizure-inducing sweetness, and it's so much fun being unaware of which direction your body will be thrown next.

Andrew King - Puregrain Audio

"Bleed the Constants review"

Blending classic 80s thrash metal alongside more modern influences like Canada’s own Protest The Hero, New Brunswick band We, The Undersigned unleashes an ass-whooping on listeners on their debut record. Impossibly tight and always very technical, their uncanny ability to remain melodic on each of these 10 tracks is a commendable feat and helps to make this a must for metal fans everywhere.

Highlights include Flight Of The Teratorns, opening track IDDQD and Tonight I Dine On Turtle Soup. - Ken Kelley for HERE Magazine

"Bleed the Constants review"

From New Brunswick comes We, The Undersigned, a metal band that injects a healthy dose of hardcore, emo, and progressive metal into their sound on their latest release Bleed the Constants for Diminished Fifth Records. The press sheet lists acts such as Every Time I Die, Protest the Hero, and Between the Buried and Me as bands who have a similar sound, and you can throw Dillinger Escape Plan and The Fall of Troy in there as well. Unlike The Fall of Troy's latest release, We, The Undersigned have much more of a focused attack on their new one, as Bleed the Constants shows a band fully embracing their extreme nature and not afraid to show you how skilled they are at their instruments. In addition, the band can craft a catchy tune but house that melody within some truly monstrous metal arrangements. Lead singer Tyler Feeney fluctuates between brutal growls, screams, and melodic vocals, hitting every angle on tunes such as "Flight of the Teratorns" and " Burning Bodies (in the Distance)". There's some pretty nifty guitar work from Andy Stevens throughout, and the rhythm team of drummer Chris Gatza & bassist Jai Sadler do a good job of providing straightforward grooves or more complex, stop/start explorations. "Samadhi" even has a little bit of the melodic death metal feel to it, ala In Flames, At the Gates, especially in the guitar department, and the epic 11-minute closer "Strassman's Child" features a wide assortment of complex riffery and vocal styles, easily the most progressive tune on the CD.

Let's face it, Bleed the Constants certainly isn't the most original release you are going to hear this year, but We, The Undersigned definitely do what they do well, and show lots of promise for many more years of metal to come. - Pete Pardo for Sea of Tranquility

"Self Titled Demo/EP review"

We, The Undersigned are a metal/hardcore band hailing from Fredericton, New Brunswick. After hearing the tracks from their debut EP, I predict these lads will make many new fans over the next while. Considering that they will soon be heading out on a tour that will take them from their native Maritime soil all the way to Ontario and back, I’m sure they will leave a trail of incendiary metallic fire along the way. These guys are definitely onto something good.

Tracks like “Tonight I Dine On Turtle Soup” establish the WTU sound immediately. It is rousing, high energy and delightfully gritty. There are screaming, tortured vocals that are delivered with tons of gusto. Also, the band makes the smart move of having their songs take dramatic shifts in direction, making the proceedings that much more interesting. The songs also boast a very high degree of production values. “Interlude in C# minor” is a great track, maybe even the best. It is a fine instrumental, replete with an abundance of musicianship and feeling. It is overall a very pleasant and thoughtful track which compliments the grittier songs very nicely.

The title track comes in for the attack and goes straight for the jugular. “Of Suns and Dunes” features very impressive vocal harmonies (not only can this band play, they can definitely sing as well). I can hear an old school metal edge on this track, and I like how the song shifts gears dramatically at the end. “TFRMM” only emphasizes further that this is a band that pours 110% of their heart and soul into every song. This EP overflows with energy and power. If We, The Undersigned ever come to your town, check them out. This band pumps out pure, no-nonsense metal and hardcore and they do it well. - Gary Flanagan - Nightwaves


Bleed the Constants (Diminished Fifth Records) - 2009
We, the Undersigned (Independent) - 2007



Boasting an array of metal/rock stylings, "We, the Undersigned" are set to dredge the stagnant waters of music's auto-tuned leaches.

Bordering the thin divide between inanity and insanity, their music has been described as "fresh and prevalent" (hardtimes.com) and possessing "the chops and smarts to rock your military boots off" (the Coast)."Poised to turn some heads with their unique brand of art" (PureGrainAudio)", these fellows are "clearly destined for greater achievements" (SCRATCHthesurface webzine).

Having already conquered Canada with two cross-nation tours, "We, the Undersigned" capped-off 2009 by signing with Halifax's Diminished 5th Records and releasing their first, long anticipated full-length album, "Bleed the Constants"--a ten-song opus celebrating the union of absurdity with order, novelty with impermanence. Bestowed with a nomination for "Best Loud Recording of 2010" at this year's East Coast Music Association awards gala , WTU's latest offering has been well received by fans and campus radio, whilst simultaneously pissing-off pundits, in an effort to "come into their own and make themselves a recognizable name for metalheads coast-to-coast" (PureGrainAudio).

"We, the Undersigned" will be jumping from one medium to the next with the release of their first music video, "Burning Bodies (in the Distance)"--dark, lyrically-tuned to the soundtrack of the apocalypse, yet juxtaposed to laughing children sledding down an icy slope. "It was a freakshow", observes vocalist Tyler Feeney on the video-making process. "I'm honestly surprised we haven't been sued; kids were sliding into amps, generators busted, and asses bruised raw." Stay tuned for WTU's video debut, Spring of '10.

Bands with whom We, the Undersigned are grateful to have played alongside include Protest the Hero, Fuck The Facts, Ninjaspy, What's He Building With?, Cancer Bats, the Motorleague, Iron Giant, Orchid's Curse, and The End.