Wuan MC Productions

Wuan MC Productions


WuanMC (aka wuan1100) produces & performs with several artists. You want explosive music in English, Spanish or Italian and an energetic stage show? We deliver on all this and more! From punk to bossa from soul to rap you can find it here.


Wuan MC is an eclectic producer originally from Texas now living in Italy. His credits include productions for companies like MTV, EMI, and Dance Paradise among others.

The RAIZINS are wuan's pet project.

Other projects include:
SARASOL, a young Italian female singer specializing in R&B/Hip Hop.

Binya Bay, currently in production, is a modern jazz/samba project featuring the spectacular vocals of sardinian diva PAOLA ATZENI.


SARASOL - Siedo Distratta Sull'Orlo del Mondo

Set List

sets include original compositions along with covers of well known hits etc....