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I don´t need to run

Written By: Wuennetou

Walking down the street
´cause there´s a ground to see

I should even run
to fight the devil in me

Once more I don´t care
It´s hard enough to be...

...an overwhealming man
reaching sufficiency

Oooh I don´t need to run
run, run

I don´t really care
if it is day or night

For even when it´s dark
we´ve got electric light

That´s why I would like
to have a drink tonight

And maybe blink a girl
that makes me feel alright

Oooh I don´t need to run
run, run


Written By: Wuennetou

Don´t dance on my nose
Don´t send me a rose
Don´t cast me any tear
Just come here, my dear

We´ve got to ignore
These thigs others want
You don´t fit as a rebel
You don´t seem to be yourself

I´ve got good news for you
so, please don´t refuse
this invitation so good
I don´t want to abuse

Tere is no espionage
There´s only secrets
Tried to be hidden
But god knows everything
God knows everything
God knows

love takes its time

Written By: Wuennetou/Jasper Sporleder

love takes its time
love reigns over all
runs down my spine
helps me to believe
in sunshine, sunshine, sunshine

we´ll find that time
time to fall in love
a precious time
will make us to believe
in sunshine, sunshine, sunshine