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"Big Album - Big Sound - Big Composing"

Wulfgang has released a big album with a big sound and very big composing. As soon as you start to listen to the album you get an enjoyment-shock which repeats itself whenever a new song begins, great melodies, great vocal character from the lead singer "Mind" and amazing guitar riffs from "Arrows" the lead guitar player.

I know of many people who have stopped listening to new music, but this album is a good reason for them to start over, the past and the present mixed together in a true masterpiece from a very talented new band. And the album cover is unbelievable, one of the best designs in Icelandic Music History of album artwork. - Andrea Jons (Radio 2, Iceland)

"Iceland's hottest new talent makes a break!!"

"Crediting "destiny" with their conception back in 2005, five-piece Wulfgang's debut, Wulfgang nods occasionally to the melodious indie rock of quintessentially "English"bands from the Sixties and Seventies.

And if their single Machinery and their mission statement to "shake the foundations of their contemporary 'civilised' culture" is anything to go by, then it's fair to say that they're not averse to being a little noisy and furious now and then. - Music Week - Stuart Clarke

"Machinery the best rock song of 2006"

Machinery is quite simply the best rock song of the 2006 as Wulfgang strive on to become Iceland's most talented rockband.

The Vocals from "The Mind" is extraordinary, something I have never heard before, truly unique.

>> Asgeir Sigurdsson, Tonlist.is - Tonlist.is - Iceland's Online Music Store


LP Album:
>> Wulfgang, April 2007

Radio Singles:
>> Machinery - March 2006 (charted at #1 on X-FM & #1 on RadioX in Iceland
>> Life & Habits - September 2006 (charted at #2 on X-FM & #3 on Radio X in Iceland)
>> Rise of the Underground - February 2007



On a Wednesday, october 2005, in a dark, smoke-filled room, in the slums of downtown Reykjavik, destiny gave birth to Wulfgang. Five young & eager artists combined to create a timeless masterpiece that would shake the foundations of their contemporary "civilized" culture.

In a not too distant future, Wulfgang will have taken over your brain, control your thoughts, erase your memory & last but not least, right in front of your hypnotized ears & eyes, a brave new world of Wulfgang shall rise.

Wulfgang is a must-see, must-hear experience that will wipe the mould off your brains!

>> Getrvk.com - Interview
The Mind and Ikarus formed Wulfgang in October 2005. "Due to boredom and too much spare time," they say.

When I ask them about the name of the band, the guys say that it comes straight from hell. "We made a pact with the devil that we'd rather not discuss." So I decided not to investigate that matter further.

Wulfgang's debut album, which is also called Wulfgang, will be released now on the 10th of April. "We wrote most of the songs early 2006 and the main concept on the album "Wulfgang" is life & death. Our music is supposed to reflect the full human emotional scale, from anger to happiness and everything in between. We see Wulfgang as our own offspring and we will always portray him exactly as we wish. If we wish to dress young Wulfgang up as a schoolboy in a suit with a neck-tie & a lolly-pop, we will, and if we wish to shave all his hair off, give him an anarchist tattoo on the forehead and make him throw rocks at the government, we will."

All the lyrics are written by the Mind and the guys say that their music may be described as new-age indie-rock with a twist of rebellious hippie-tones and a dash of psychotic sentimentalism.

Since the band is based in Reykjavik there aren't that many places to perform. "We've played most venues in Reykjavik and some across the country. Our most memorable gig must be when we went to Patreksfjörður on Sailors day(Sjómannadagurinn). Our accommodations were abandoned apartments with absolutely nothing in them and we shared one with rappers, Dóri DNA & Bent and Heiðar (The Viking Giant Show) and had quite a blast. The stage was made from big empty fish containers and tied together with fishing-nets. Only in Iceland. Beautiful."

Their debut album is not all that's on the guys schedule in the near future, oh no.

"On the 27th of April we will head off to China to play for tens of thousands of people at the MIDI festival in Beijing. We will also be playing in Shanghai and we're getting pretty excited, all in all we'll play around seven gigs in China. We had to fill out all kinds of forms and stuff to be considered as legal visitors to China. In fact we had to sign a contract & promise to observe all the statues in China. That could take a while, although, we're pretty sure they meant to say something else."

Wulfgang then plans to go to San Francisco in July and they'll hopefully be going to Great Britain as well in the not so distant future.