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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"WuLords: Interview on AURN.com w/ Raekwon MTV"

Wulords interview with Raekow - AURN.com

"Knowledge Over Nonsense"

Twenty4seven - Krystal Luster

"Enter the Maize"

Enter the Maize - Kellee Maize

"Album review of WuLords 'Chapter 1'"

It should be noted that I have been sitting on this review for quite some time simply because I did not know what to say. When I was first approached to write it, I had never heard of the WuLords and, frankly, I didn't take them seriously as a group because of that. Then, apparently out of thin air, I began to see their name everywhere. From postings to videos in multiple places, I began to do my research on this seemingly mythical sequel to the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. The WuLords are comprised of three members, known as the "3 Samurai," and they're young. Really young (ages 11, 13 and 17). So much so that I had to ask myself, "Are these guys serious?" But boasting a co-sign from The Chef himself, Raekwon, as well as a blessing from the Wu-Tang Clan to adopt their name, the answer has to be a resounding, "Yes." Credibility now established, so can the music justify it?

According to the WuLords, their music is inspired from the writings of ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu's Art of War, a work widely considered the definitive military work of its time and still read today for its insights into strategy and planning in warfare. Though the book is thirteen chapters in length, this album only corresponds to the first chapter. And being the first chapter of the supposed thirteen, this album must also serve to introduce us to the WuLords. As described on the outro, "God Hour," The WuLords' philosophy is to bring "high-powered energy, elite lyrical ability and golden hip hop quality" back to the masses. And by declaring war on the invigorating and impressive opener "War Bells," the WuLords make their mission clear: purging hip hop of mainstream influence.
- Rami Bensasi - Pittsburgh Hip-Hop Music Examiner

"Wu-Lords cosgigned by Raekwon, Ghostface and Cappadonna"

Wu-Lords cosgigned by Raekwon, Ghostface and Cappadonna
The next Wu Tang - Wutangcorp.com


Wuology; Art of War;

1. Calculations Initial Estimations
2. The Challenge: Waging War
3. Strategic Attack
4. Classicks
5. Tactical Dispositions
6. Chosen
7. Energy/Focus
8. Illusion Reality Vacuity Substance
9. Gaza Strip
10. Military Combat
11. The 9 Variations and Adaptability
12. Level Up
13. Movement & Development of Troops
14. Situational Positioning of Terrain
15. Born and Raised
16. Hip Hop Orchestra
17. Situations, 9 Terrains, & Battlegroundz
18. Attack By Fire
19. Amplified
20. Employ Spies, Intelligence: Espionage
21. L.I.N.A.O.
22. N.P.O.S.
23. Youth Revolution
24. .00000001%

Chapter 1;

1. Darkness
2. Sound Check
3. War Bells
4. Unbreakable Victory Celebration
5. Hard Body
6. Enemy
7. Cappa Swag
8. Samurai Swordz
9. Heist
10. Foster Child
11. Foster Child Pt.2
12. Wu vs. Chu
13. Backstage
14. Lesson #1
15. God Hour

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4



WuLords is a Hip Hop group that brings an action packed, intelligent, edgy lyrical aspect in art of Hip Hop. Using Sun Tzu's Art of War, WuLords take the 13 chapters of the teachings and implement them into their music. With a mysterious appearance coming from the WuLords, all the members and allies from the crew aren't revealed yet but they unfold as the chapters evolve.

WuLords are in a war of Lyrical Content A.K.A. Knowledge vs Nonsense. WuLords' main objective is to keep Hip Hop pure and get into the minds, hearts and souls of the masses and give the people what the game has been missing...skills. The opposing forces want to strip Hip Hop of it's core value, creativity, and sound. The WuLords will infiltrate without being infiltrated. Will appear as the sheep but will be wolves. They will strike unexpectedly and use allies as misdirections and bait to conquer their opponents.

Welcome to the Art of War