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Jackson, Mississippi, United States | SELF

Jackson, Mississippi, United States | SELF
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"Lifestyle-The Mississippi Link April 19-25, 2007"Every Day I'm Getting Closer""

Every Day I’m Getting Closer
Shameka L. Reed

At the age of 26 Martez Cobb has experienced a life that some can only imagine. That’s why he doesn’t mind sharing his story. It’s one that took a young and less spiritually grounded Cobb on a journey that many don’t live to tell.
However, he doesn’t take the credit for surviving what seemed like insurmountable obstacle. He credits God and the awesome plans He had for his life.
Cobb vividly remembers the first promise he made to God. He was stationed in Italy and driving drunk when his car flipped several times and was flatten to the point that the passenger had to be pulled out.
"When I had that accident, it was serious. I really thought I was dead," he recalls. "I didn't know God, but that was the time I called on him. I told him if He would let me make it, if I were alive, I would do better. I was going to change, because I knew if I had died then I wouldn't go to heaven. I at least wanted a chance to try."
He went on to live life, forgetting the promise he made to God. Three months before his tour was to be completed he was discharged from the military. When he joined the military he had hoped to gain more discipline and money for college, but now he had lost all motivation and had no money to pay for his education.
He returned home to Harvey, Illinois; a place that held haunting memories of his past.
Cobb and his mother moved to Harvey when he was freshman in high school. While for most, the high school years were some of the best times in their teenage lives, it was different for Cobb. The move to Harvey came after his mother and stepfather divorced. Everything about Harvey was different for him; the school, the environment and even his mom.
"My mom was going through a divorce at that time so I don't think her mind was were it really needed to be and we were staying with my aunt and she was really busy most of the time," said Cobb. "But going to Chicago, to an area like that was a big difference from when I was growing up in Mississippi and Japan. I was in a high school that was way bigger than the one in Japan and it was a big transition. It was kind of intimidating."
He was dealing with a lot. Things had changed so much for him and he didn't know how to handle it. That led to him having Alopecia. A disorder caused by trauma.
"My hair just started coming out and I didn't understand. I was a sophomore. In high school image was everything and my hair was falling out. I tried to keep my composure and keep going, but my grades started failing. I kind of felt alone."
Cobb began treatment for the Alopecia and by the middle of his junior year started to regain his confidence. After graduating from high school he enlisted into the Air Force.
"After graduation I remember my momma telling me 'you either gonna work or go to school,' but what I really needed was some discipline. So I enlisted in the military."
The military was a vast change from his teen years in Harvey. He was living the fast life filled with alcohol, sex and drugs. Even then God was indirectly dealing with him. At two different times in his career in the military God called people in his inner circle to the ministry. However, it never dawned on him that God wanted to use him too.
"I didn't understand any of that. All I knew was that those were my friends and if they weren't doing that stuff anymore what role did they play in my life. I didn't see it as maybe God was trying to get my attention," he recalls.
After being discharged from the military and returning home, he needed a plan. He didn't want to disappoint his mom and he wasn't finding much fulfillment in life.
He enrolled in Knoxville Community College. Trying to make the best of a bad situation, it seemed negativity was every where he turned.
"It wasn't even a real school to me. The buildings were run down and there were people sitting outside smoking and drinking. I ended up overdoing it there; it was like God had literally set me in the middle of my desires. I had more temptations there than I had in Chicago, but I couldn't go home because I didn't want to disappoint my mom."
Smoking weed became a daily habit. It seemed as if life was going no where fast and he fell into deep depression, paranoia, hearing voices and seeing demonic visions. Life began to torture him to the point that the voices he was hearing were telling him to commit suicide. He wanted to tell someone what was going on, but he was too afraid because he couldn't explain it.
It was during this time that he realized God was trying to get his attention. He recalled the promise he made to God when he had his accident in Italy and how his friends had come to him to tell him how God had changed their lives.
"I begin to have so many visions," he recalls. "I would have to write a book to tell about all of them, but it really was an attack from the enemy, but at the same time God was using it for His glory. He knew He could pull me out of this situation, but the enemy was trying to kill me before I knew about God. I never knew that I would be on fire for God like I am now; witnessing to the gang bangers, prostitutes and drug dealers and rapping for God. I think the devil knew that and he was trying to get me out of the way."
For the second time in his life, a confused and deeply distributed Cobb cried out for God. This time it wasn't for God to get him out of a situation, but for Him to save him. God answered and gave him peace of mind.
"It was almost like immediately and I got this confidence and I told Him, Lord now that I know it's you, I'm going to follow you. I know I'm going to be alright."
He started attending church and reading the Bible, but the visions returned and life was still a struggle. He felt as if he was possessed. Although he didn't want to smoke and drink, he couldn't fight it off. He knew whatever happen God was still in control. The last memory Cobb has of that life was waking up in a hospital, thinking he was dead.
"I was in a psychiatric ward and everything felt so surreal. No one was there that I recognized. So I began to pray and ask God to show me because I really thought I was dead. I kept hearing the voice of God telling me that He was with me and everything was going to be alright."
In the hospital is when God started to transition him. He had to face suppressed anger and learn how to forgive. After leaving the hospital, Cobb returned to Harvey, but he didn't stay long. He felt God wanted him to return to his childhood home of Jackson. He had lived in Jackson with his grandparents until he was 12 years old.
Life in Jackson has been good to Cobb. He has witnessed God used a life that almost killed him, as a ministry for the lost. His longtime love of Hip Hop, writing rhymes and rapping is now being used to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God has blessed him with Brickhouse Studio and a budding rapping career as a gospel artist.
His focus in life is to live in a manner that is beyond pleasing to his Savior and be a great husband to his wife Kirby and his children Jerome and Trinity.
"God has moved me to the point now that I have a relationship with Him and there are some days that I miss the voice of God, but everyday I'm getting closer."
- Shameeka L. Reed


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I am Wun80 (pronounced 1-80)-"A New man with a New plan!" But before him, I was just Martez Cobb-" An insecure go along with the flow type of guy." There is so much that I would like to share about my life in this bio, but I am just going to do my best to share the main points of my life that will give you an understanding of what shaped me to be the type of artist that I am today.

Growing up, I had such a burden to feel accepted by others. This behavior more than likely was triggered from not ever feeling accepted by my biological father. I grew up a people pleaser, not wanting to ruffle anybody feathers. Eventually the weight of trying to make everybody like me drove me into a deep dark depression. Before I knew it, I looked in the mirror and didn't even recognize the guy looking back. I eventually ended up putting on this gangsta rapper image because I begin to have vivid visions of being the next big rapper like JayZ. I felt in order for me to make it big as a rapper, I had to cuss hard, drink heavy, smoke blunts, get tatted up, keep a mean look on my face, and have sex with as many females as I could. At the age of 22 I ended up having a mental breakdown; and at that darkest point in my life is where Jesus came and offered His hand of Grace to me. I am forever grateful for God allowing me to get that low that I had no choice but to look up. Looking back I see that was the way God opened my heart to listen to him. Now I am a committed follower of Jesus and I no longer feel the need to be accepted by people to feel complete. Jesus has set me free from that! People talking about me or looking at me funny is the last thing I am worried about now...I am truly UNASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL! So now I do music that line up with my convictions with no shame...

Also I am an artist that not only take the message of my music very serious, but also I take the sound and imaging side of my music very serious as well. I understand that just because I am promoting faith in my music, doesn't give me a free pass to be sloppy in my delivery and presentation. I believe it is God's will to do everything with a Spirit of Excellence. Doing music now with the sole purpose to glorify the Lord's name, even gives me more drive and determination to make sure every rhyme and everything else that comes along with making a song is on point. When a listener hears my song, I want them to experience a touch of heaven. When a person sees me live in concert, I want them to experience an encounter with the Creator. So from the lyrics to the graphics on a cd cover..It all needs to be done in way that will give God glory!!.

I am an artist that believes that not only do I have a responsibility to share the Gospel on the mic, but even more so through my life outside the mic. My biggest fear is becoming one of those Gospel artist who is out trying to save the world, but neglects their own family and community. I feel it would be a shameful testimony to be an excellent verbal communicator to the world, while the people who see me every day never benefiting from my relationship I have with Jesus. So I pray hard to stay balanced, never neglecting being the husband I am called to be, the father I am called to be, the relative I am called to be, and the community member I am called to be. So, if I never reach the masses, I will always work be working hard reaching those around my immediate influence. With this new mindset and focus, I am now truly free to create music that isn't driven by a goal to make it to the top of charts, but rather driven by a goal to pierce the center of hearts with the TRUTH!