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"Q&A with Christian rap group W.U.N.D.A. F.A.M."

The three members of Christian rap group W.U.N.D.A. F.A.M. get their inspiration from the word of God and from the need of the streets.

Performing together for the past four years, they have taken their message on the road hitting Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Md. and have even opened for The Cross Movement at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. They’ve also opened for Corey Red and Precise, and Richie Righteous.

Fro, who spoke to The Pilot, explained what the bands name represents, “The acronym means 'Whenever you’re in doubt, always follow after the master.’”

Other members in the band are J. New and LB. All in their early 20s, Fro adds that he and J. New have known each other since the eight-grade and have been calling themselves Wundas, since then.

In 2005, the Norfolk group released their debut CD, “Signs and Wundas.” They will be performing Friday with Deshawn Tha Golden Child in Portsmouth.

Does the band have a pre-gig ritual?
We like to have time to separate ourselves from any crowd and go before God in prayer and worship to make sure things go according to his will.

What’s the band’s worst performance memory?
We were ask to minister for the youth at a very traditional church. It was for a debutante dance and we were scheduled to do about 30 minutes of music. We did one song, and were asked to get off the stage. The young lady that invited us was so embarrassed. I guess some people just aren’t ready. But the youth seemed to have a good time listening to the one song we did get to do.

What’s the best and worst thing about the Hampton Roads music scene?
The best thing would have to be the talent. We have a lot of excellent artist in the area. The worst I think is the lack of unity. We should be trying to help each other make it together not trying to see who can get there first.

If the band was signed to a record deal, how would they spend the advance?
Our church needs a building so I would definitely think that we’d have to bless the ministry. Shout outs to New Covenant and Pastor Richard Newsome Sr.

If the band could write its own headline, what would it be?
W.U.N.D.A. F.A.M. bringing new life to an old game.

- By PATTY JENKINS, The Virginian-Pilot


May 2005 Signs and W.U.N.D.A.S

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W.U.N.D.A. F.A.M

Christian raps WUNDA FAM is a three member group that gets its inspiration from the word of God and from the need of the streets. Performing together for four years, they have taken their message on the road including stops in Washington, Baltimore, and Charlottesville VA., just to name a few places. The group has opened for The Cross Movement, Corey Red and Precise, Da Truth, Ritchie Righteous, and many others.
The groups name W.U.N.D.A F.A.M stands for Whenever Ur. N Doubt. Always Follow After the Master. Fro Wundas( Randy w. Wright) J-New Wundas (Richard Newsome jr.) and L.B. Wundas ( Brain Edwards) are all in there early 20’s. Fro and J-new have been friends since the 8th grade. Although LB came along years later their ministry has bonded them as though they have been friends all of their lives. Armed with the Word of God and the fruit of his Holy Spirit they plain to impact a dying world through real music that speaks to real people.