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Real life changeing music inspiered by the Word and Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ


W.U.N.D.A. F.A.M

Christian raps WUNDA FAM is a three member group that gets its inspiration from the word of God and from the need of the streets. Performing together for four years, they have taken their message on the road including stops in Washington, Baltimore, and Charlottesville VA., just to name a few places. The group has opened for The Cross Movement, Corey Red and Precise, Da Truth, Ritchie Righteous, and many others.
The groups name W.U.N.D.A F.A.M stands for Whenever Ur. N Doubt. Always Follow After the Master. Fro Wundas( Randy w. Wright) J-New Wundas (Richard Newsome jr.) and L.B. Wundas ( Brain Edwards) are all in there early 20’s. Fro and J-new have been friends since the 8th grade. Although LB came along years later their ministry has bonded them as though they have been friends all of their lives. Armed with the Word of God and the fruit of his Holy Spirit they plain to impact a dying world through real music that speaks to real people.



Written By: WUNDA FAM

HOOK: Everybody in the spot if you ready t o rock (Breath)

Hands up feel the weight of the Drop (Breath)

We preach Christ to the mountain top you know we got it on lock now give a mighty shaback and (Breath)

Fro Wundas:

A yo were Christians and were here to party we don’t need Bacardi and its still custalldi free style for mile get a grip your probably on a trip from garbage that they spit its hardly. Good for your soul so I spit divine stand up hit me up bring it back and rewind it frozen and j new baby back on the grind with glorious shine and rhymes that be freeing your mind. We on a climb design by the highest prestige so keep you disease your trees and your henesy please if you can agree that we got a new energy put your hand in the sky like I’m jacking your key but breathe. Cuz we aint trying to take it there I just want to put the lord in a atmosphere is God in here is my entire squad in here. Yahshua he messiah bout to ride in here.


J-New Wundas

Yo now you can lie with the best of them kill with the best of them still club and party go to hell with the rest of them. Me and my saint we go to heaven with the best of them pray all day long and fast with the rest of them. They thing they taken over but we rep Jehovah. we aint case money but aint no limit to our solders boy I thought I told you the Fam cover more land than any land rover so best move on over. We drunk in the sprit so the FAM is never sober breath. Man listen up for heaven sakes i know it look good but man you can’t bite the bait satin will hook you in and put at the end of his plate and promise dog that will be the end of your fate and our side I never got to run from the jakes. cuz the greater one rocks with me like top and Jake and the potter’s house will fix me up just like jakes.

LB - Wundas

Keep your weed and fifths I don’t need no drugs I’m drunk off the spirit and high of Gods love Jehovah Jeri our provider he'll make a way when you thinks there’s nada that you can do let me kick the facts as I flow tighter than a doobe rap plus aint nothing wrong with giving him praise you can push your pride aside or give it away we repining the kingdom com till the kingdom come incase you want to know were the team is from (uhhh). Give them the gospel that’s our model and we watch it work out like a tape on taboo. the flows is good but Gods much better so get it together like cursive letters hands up if you been redeemed now bring the hook in. and let everybody breath.



May 2005 Signs and W.U.N.D.A.S

Breath and Loveing you on Tonex's Club Virtue

Set List

Our Sets are generaly from 15-60 mins long.
Song list may include.

Loveing You
Makeing me Over
Wake up
Shaback Flow
......And many others