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Norfolk, Virginia, United States | INDIE

Norfolk, Virginia, United States | INDIE
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J. New, Fro and Trav Gutta -- make up the christian rap trio W.U.N.D.A. F.A.M. out of Norfolk. In 2005, the guys released "Signs and Wundas." "The Resurrection," the follow up, comes to life April 3. What does W.U.N.D.A. F.A.M. stand for? Whenever you're in doubt always follow after the master. - - Patty Jenkins, The Pilot

The three members of Christian rap group W.U.N.D.A. F.A.M. get their inspiration from the word of God and from the need of the streets.

Performing together for the past four years, they have taken their message on the road hitting Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Md. and have even opened for The Cross Movement at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. They’ve also opened for Corey Red and Precise, and Richie Righteous.

Fro, who spoke to The Pilot, explained what the bands name represents, “The acronym means 'Whenever you’re in doubt, always follow after the master.’”

Other members in the band are J. New and LB. All in their early 20s, Fro adds that he and J. New have known each other since the eight-grade and have been calling themselves Wundas, since then.

In 2005, the Norfolk group released their debut CD, “Signs and Wundas.” They will be performing Friday with Deshawn Tha Golden Child in Portsmouth.

Does the band have a pre-gig ritual?
We like to have time to separate ourselves from any crowd and go before God in prayer and worship to make sure things go according to his will.

What’s the band’s worst performance memory?
We were ask to minister for the youth at a very traditional church. It was for a debutante dance and we were scheduled to do about 30 minutes of music. We did one song, and were asked to get off the stage. The young lady that invited us was so embarrassed. I guess some people just aren’t ready. But the youth seemed to have a good time listening to the one song we did get to do.

What’s the best and worst thing about the Hampton Roads music scene?
The best thing would have to be the talent. We have a lot of excellent artist in the area. The worst I think is the lack of unity. We should be trying to help each other make it together not trying to see who can get there first.

If the band was signed to a record deal, how would they spend the advance?
Our church needs a building so I would definitely think that we’d have to bless the ministry. Shout outs to New Covenant and Pastor Richard Newsome Sr.

If the band could write its own headline, what would it be?
W.U.N.D.A. F.A.M. bringing new life to an old game.

Reach Patty Jenkins at (757) 446-2298 or patty.jenkins@pilotonline.com
- By Patty jenkins

The east coast has seen a resurgence of sorts lately. More and more we as rap fans are treated to the gritty street sound that is available out of places like The Bronx, Philly, or VA. In this case, the group known as W.U.N.D.A. F.A.M. steps forward to lay stake to their claim as a legitimate new group to be heard from.

Intro: Should intros ever be more than a minute long if not a song? “Negative Shipmate!” I like how matter of fact the Wunda Fam is about starting the album off.

Surround Me*: this is a lead single, period. This song features the melodious Jai and some poignant rhymes from the lyrical trio. Love this So Hot Production constructed by J.R.

Alive: the way the beat starts off could throw some listeners off but as the Fam starts rhyming, it gets a better. I personally could see this song shining more on top of a more engaging beat. One other note, shock value considered, a bar at the end of the last verse was an unnecessary add in.

Enjoy*: one of those summertime joints that you rarely get from the East Coast, at least in my opinion. With a sweetly sung hook from Cherise Newsome, J. New speaks to the beauty of the Father on this head- nodding track.

Real Soldiers: a serious track that you can just vibe to with some good headphones. Produced by PIC, this is a solid song that I could hear remixed with a feature from Japhia Life.

I W.U.N.D.A.*: this is a solid, solid track right here, which it better have been considering it bears the group’s name. Lyrics and deliveries remain solid, set over a Marv4Mo masterpiece.

Opposition: I definitely get the premise of this song, but the Mike Wunda track doesn’t do it justice.

Reigns 4 Life: Big Fella on point with another solid track, Wunda Fam with a nice lyrical anthem. This feels like a song that would close an action film as the credits roll.

Gett’n Money: radio friendly beat by Mike Wunda, definitely a better track from him. Some will dislike the drums and some of the background strings but it grew on me. The message is solid to, as long as the listener gets the whole picture the Wunda Fam paints.

Psalms 23: lyrical is how I have to describe most songs on this project and this is no exception. Although the Anita Baker sample that Big Fella uses gets monotonous after a minute, this song is solid.

Hood Cry: featuring Fro Wunda, Deshawn the Goldenchild, and Change Wesson, this Fro and Big Fella co- produced track has a cypha feel to it. The beat is pretty good, with the sample being the most favorable part.

No Fear*: another solo effort, this time from Trav Gutta, is a very smooth song. One of the standouts of the record, over a Just Dave track, helps seal the latter half of the project.

Stay In Ya Lane*: all I have to say is listen to this track for real hip hop! If Big Fella hit dead on with the beats like this more often, this album would be even better.

Aliens: this is a decent song from J New and NR but not one of the strongest on the playlist. Jesse Eason on production.

Let’s Go Get It: the Wunda Fam come together and bring some feel good music to the table on this song. Brian Johnson lays the canvas for the trio to spit on and this overall is a good song.

On My Grind: another above average song that balances lyricism with a radio ready hook and tasteful autotune, assisted by CMO. Big Fella again shows his production arsenal is varied in sound and overall solid.

Redemption*: a track like this one from Night Train, with silky vocal by Wadee, shows the range of styles Wunda can fit. Honestly, if more of their songs sounded like this, Surround Me, and Stay In Ya Lane this would be a classic.

No Better Life: Rachel Thomas laces the hook as Night Train puts a hit down yet again. Wunda Fam brags on the righteous life to close the album out, the Resurrection is complete.

(*=unequivocal hits)

Overall, this album is successful in taking the listener on the road from the newness of redemption, through struggle, and into a place of truly embracing the power of The Resurrection. This is a project worth checking out and a group to grow with as they continue to polish their lyrical and production game. W.henever U.r N. D.oubt A.lways F.ollow A.fter T.he M.aster… Trav Gutta, J New, and Fro Wunda prove to be a trio to keep an eye on in this rap landscape.
- Published by Kellus Hill of Da South.com


Signs & Wundas (2005)

The Resurrection (2010)




"W.henever U.r N D.oubt A.lways F.ollow A.fter the M.aster" whose members include Randy "Fro Wundas" Wright, Richard "J-New Wundas" Newsome Jr., and Travis Thomas aka "Trav Gutta", are a triple dominate impact in rap music know to general audiences as W.U.N.D.A F.A.M. This stalwart entourage is fueled by a relentless desire to change the face of entertainment industry that misleads and enslaves those on the streets; of witch they feel specifically connected. Personally, these artist share an extensive bond of friendship and brotherhood, and from this bond emerges a culturally relative dispatch to rebuke the false truths put forth by their secular counterparts.
Having invitation to perform in various east cost events in such cities as Washington, Baltimore, and Charlottesville, VA, this operation has undoubtedly caught the eye of not only viewing audiences in the thousands, but other prominent recording artists. As a result W.U.N.D.A F.A.M has had the opportunity to open for artists such as Grammy-nominated Cross Movement, as well as Corey Red and Precise, Da. T.R.U.T.H and Ritchie Righteous. Joining forces with like-minded allies, 12 Strings gladly welcomes the new addition of W.U.N.D.A F.A.M and if you can expect anyone specific staple this group brings every audience it encounters is this: real music reaching real people.

booking contact Randy “Pop” Wright at popwunda@yahoo.com

The Resurrection

Travis L. Thomas

Trav Gutta

Trav’GUTTA is an artist who desires to testify to others about the endless love of Jesus Christ through the conduit of Hip-Hop/Rap music. The name “Trav’GUTTA“ is a combination of his shortened first name and the second half serves as a constant reminder of a lifestyle and state of mind that he was delivered from through the love of Christ in March of 2004. Trav’GUTTA recognized the purpose that Christ has on his life. This purpose is to use the gift and passion for music, which has been embedded in him since the age of 9 years old, to sow a seed in the lives of the many who do not know GOD or His son Jesus Christ. The purpose is also to show the youth of today that to be “Saved and Sold Out” for Christ does not mean that they have to lose themselves in the process, they just have faith, be spiritually submissive and allow God to do the rest!

At this time, Trav’GUTTA is working on his self-titled debut album, which is scheduled for completion in spring of 2007. Trav’ is actively involved in the community of Hampton Roads Virginia. He has been included in many of the City of Norfolk’s Teen Culture events and has also performed at several local church organizations along with college campuses, such as Norfolk State University and Hampton University. After hearing his ministry at the 2005 Norfolk Teen Culture Fest, Norfolk City Council Woman, Daun S. Hester, attempted to give Trav’GUTTA the first place trophy for a talent show that he wasn’t even signed up for. If that’s not a compliment, I don’t know what a compliment is!

It has been said, by many local pastors and Christian artists, that Trav’GUTTA will be the artist to give “Believers Hip-Hop” the boost that is needed in order to reach the masses! Indeed, the time is NOW!

Randy W Wright

Fro Wundas

From birth, God began working in Fro Wunda's Life. Born two and half months premature, Randy W Wright had a blood transfusion and lived in an incubator the first three months of his life. His struggle from birth created in him the spirit of a fighter, someone who is determined to press on.

First Introduced to the Lord in 1999, it wasn’t until he befriended the other Wunda’s that he become serious about Christ. Fro didn’t know it then, nut God had a specific Plan for his life: music.

Through stereo, television and radio Fro grew up listening to artist such B.B.D Stevie Wonder Michael Franks and New Edition. But there has always been a special place in his heart for hip hop music.

The turning point of his love for hip hop was the release of Tupac Shakur’s Classic “All Eyes On Me”. The album opened Fro’s eyes to a true art form of expression. Two years after Salvation Fro began to hear From God and Write songs and rhymes of his own.

With W.U.N.D.A F.A.M, Fro now has a chance to use that expression to glorify God. Fro’s acrobatic rhyming style-laced with spiritual metaphors-reels in a crowd, touching every heart and spirit.

Richard Newsome Jr.

J.New Wundas

The son of a preacher, Richard Newsome Jr., also known as J.New Wundas enjoys being a part of the body of Christ. Born to Richard and Patricia Newsome in Norfolk, J.New was raised to respect and obey God. The oldest of three siblings, J.New has one sister, Patrice and one brother, Joshua

J.New never thought he’d be in a rap group. He grew up singing in the church choir, but now shoots rhymes that carry the