wunderbare katze

wunderbare katze


voice, beatbox, guitars =criss-crossing mainroad, leaving it for the sake of thrills, adventure, sight of the unexpected- songs of the subglottic area are rough,tender,clever&breathtaking. each instrument played at high virtuosity, the band of three approaches like a hammer! www.wunderbarekatze.de


the songs from the subglottic area are tender and rough, disturbing,surprising, clever and erruptive.
maiki, gudrun and basti are a team since 2007 tbc
new songs are on the way


check out:
"soap" 2008 the cd
tc81244 ordernumber

Set List

we play approx. oneandahalf hour in two sets
all songs are our compositions -unique, a great variety of styles melted into one -our- sound