Singer songwriter guitarist from Detroit with an ear for a hook and a mind for the philosophical. A giant pot of soup made from the lyrical relevance of Jack Johnson, the tunesmith of Dave Matthews, the soul of Bob Marley, and the spice of Santana. Never the same bowl twice and always very tasty.


Guitar driven Alternative music that unconsciously blends Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz, Folk, and whatever else that comes to mind. With diverse influences such as Pink Floyd, U2, Sade, SRV, James Brown, Bob Marley, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Matthews, Louis Armstrong, and Norah Jones a truly unique sound is created that is hard to shoe horn into a single genre. The songs are quite catchy and transplant themselves into your psyche and leaves you humming them all day. Consider
yourself forewarned. The arrangements are highlighted by masterful guitar playing and soulful vocals that simply can't be ignored.


Pleasant Brothers - Tell Me Once Again EP