Just a mess.


Wussy are a four-piece rock/pop/noise band from Cincinnati, Ohio. They formed spontaneously in 2001 when Lisa Walker joined Ass Ponys' Chuck Cleaver for a dreaded solo performance. Duo shows soon turned into a somewhat unsteady but engaging full band with the addition of bassist/utility man Mark Messerly and drummer Dawn Burman. Since then the band has cultivated a sound that some have called "high lonesome slash and burn", others "an articulated drone". Their 2005 debut Funeral Dress was a surprise hit among critics and fans alike, earning glowing reviews from Village Voice, Blender, Harp, No Depression, Skyscraper, and many others - even landing the 12 spot on Robert Christgau's final Pazz and Jop Dean's List. College radio airplay and short tours across the midwest, east coast, and south have helped fuel the record's slow burn. Wussy will release their sophomore effort Left for Dead in August of 2007 and will continue to travel in ever-widening circles. They are perhaps best described in a recent review from their home turf in Cincinnati's CityBeat: "a collection of misfit players and sounds that, when brought together, create something gorgeous and magnetic".


Funeral Dress - Shake It Records
Left for Dead - Shake It Records