Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

An ideal partnership--vocally and lyrically. More Velvets than Burritos, yet country still. It's as if they've reduced all of white Ohio to an articulated drone, unlocked a silo or warehouse of hummable tunes, and worked out the harmonies.” (Robert Christgau, Village Voice)


Chuck Cleaver (formerly of Cincinnati's Ass Ponys) and Lisa Walker began playing together in 2001 as a result of Cleaver’s stage fright when asked to perform a brief run of solo shows. The duo’s first performance was largely unplanned, and yet went without incident… so they agreed to continue and expand. Mark Messerly came on board in 2002 as bassist and utility man, with Dawn Burman joining on drums shortly thereafter. Joe Klug was added as drummer and multi-instrumentalist after Burman’s departure in early 2009. The four-piece has released several albums and EP's on their native Cincinnati’s Shake It label. Wussy is known for its use of “an army of alternately droning and jangling guitars” (Uncut/UK) to offset the traditional three-minute pop format. Lyrics are typically split evenly between Cleaver and Walker.

Their work has met with critical praise from Rolling Stone and SPIN, both of which gave the band’s second and third albums four stars each, in addition to favorable reviews from Village Voice, NPR, Washington Post, Uncut, and many other press outlets. The “Dean of American Critics” Robert Christgau placed the band’s first two albums (Funeral Dress and Left For Dead) on his Best of the Decade list, and their third album (Wussy) ranked tenth in his best of 2009 Dean’s List.

Wussy releases its fourth full-length, Strawberry, in November 2011. Recorded and mixed by John Curley (Afghan Whigs) at Cincinnati's Ultrasuede Studios, Strawberry marks a decided turn in trajectory for the band. The first with Klug as drummer and co-producer, this album places greater emphasis on song structure and arrangement than previous efforts - while still holding fast to the band’s signature midwestern drone. The end result is their most cohesive release to-date, with an underpinning of churning guitars acting as the rudder of the small but mighty Wussy vessel.


Funeral Dress (2006)
Left for Dead (2007)
Wussy (2009)
Strawberry (2011)

Rigor Mortis - EP (2008)
Fly Fly Fly - split 7" with the Fervor (2010)
Funeral Dress II (2011)
"Happiness Bleeds" - NPR Song of the Day
"Muscle Cars" - KEXP Song of the Day