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Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Band Metal




"Slaves Release"

“Posted on: August 26, 2014 @ 9:04 am by Jö Schüftan Looking for some real deal Old School Heavy Metal? The type of Metal that doesn't contain any fillers, just full blown crushing sounds that stimulate your most evil senses?! WUZZ, THE Heavy Metal band from Kansas City, Missouri, have announced the release of their NEW concept album entitled Slaves. With the soaring guitar work and electrifying vocals of Don Wyzard, this album is bound to become the NEW Heavy Metal classic.”
Jö Schüftan - Horns up rocks/ WUZZ announces the release of " SLAVES" - Jo Schuftan/hornsuprocks.com

"Slaves Review"

“Great old school style metal band keeping metal the way it should be. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is just good old metal the way it should be.”
Scotty-D - rockbandom.com - rockbandom.com

"Slaves release"

“I can honestly say that the new Album by Kansas City rockers Wuzz is well worth a listen. The album, entitled SLAves, is an eight track, highly lyrical composition with a very classic style and indeed what I would call a very British sound. The vocals of front man Don Wyzard are reminiscant of artists of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal era such as Saxon and even to some degree Motorhead. Musically the tracks are also very fitting of this bygone age of rock. The riffs on songs such as Body Bags and Dark Matter switch rapidly between the eerie and atmospheric and the thundering, fast paced, metal guitar that makes any good rock or metal band truly stand out. to read the entire review please visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/1416744525257207/permalink/1430975213834138/”
Alex Southgate of (Liverpool) - Album Reveiw "SLAVES" - Infernal rock radio


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Wuzz Slaves/July 2013
How much sleep do you need
Red Pill
Dark Matter
Rainbow's End
Fall from grace
Body Bags
Wuzz Gitch'r Horns Up coming spring 2016



 We are Wuzz.Apocalyptic warriors.Bards of truth.We fight the priests in the temples of Syrinx and the bloodlines of the Illuminati.We provide something that has been lost.Metal done the old way.Marshalls and Flying V's.A combination of power/thrash metal that you can bang your head to!

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