Copeland Davis

Copeland Davis


Life is like a Piano....It's how you play it.... Unique Pianist with flying fingers delivering high-energy Jazz to Pop music!


As a child of seven, Copeland's fascination withmusic began while watching a pianist on TV. He blocked out everything that was going on except that pianist. He remembers thinking thati "if someone could only show me, I could learn to do that." Thus began his education with the piano. This also set in motion his roots in Gospel, which he achieved from playing in church for thirteen years. This would eventually tie together with classical training to create his unique style as a Jazz innovator. His ultimate influence would become Beethoven, who used the piano as an instrument to imitate the complete orchestra. Although Copeland's formal education became complete with a degree from Florida Atlantic University, he continually strives to learn and acquire musical knowledge.

The keyboard is his kingdom. He can appear as a Jazz pianist, but he can send his instrument into the Pop, Rock or Classical ends of the spectrum. What makes him outstanding is that he is comfortable in all phases. When Copeland plays, watch his fingers! They dance across the keyboard with a fast, strong pace, then they back off in a soft, graceful and almost quiet serenade that fills the soul with beautiful music.

As one music critic said, "He is a special person. He captivates the audience when he plays. He makes it fun. He has phenomenal technique on the piano. He combines mechanical proficiency with spontaneous artistic creativty. Davis can explore the possitilities of any number of tunes, while still remaining in the boundaries of tight musicianship".

Writer/Arranger for The Fifth Dimension as well as Tour conductor for Barbara McNair. A standing ovation was the response to Copeland's TV debut on the "Tonight Show". With appearances following on "Good Morning America", and his own PBS special. In addition to three appearances on ABC's "B.L. Stryker", was his subsequent induction into the International Who's Who in Music.

The COPELAND DAVIS GROUP is long on performance. No mistaking their style; generally loud, generally driving, very intense with rich synthesizer work, Copeland and his rhythm men demand your attention...and then get it!



Gold Coast Records

"NO ARMS CAN EVER HOLD YOU" (Like These Arms of Mine)
Regalia Records

(The Copeland Davis Group)
Regalia Records (LP)

Set List

COPELAND DAVIS plays a wide range of material from Jazz to Pop to Rock with Classical influences.

Set Lists are arranged in consideration of the venue.

Sample set list might include:

*BLUE RONDO A LA TURK (Dave Bruebeck)

*TAKE FIVE (Dave Bruebeck/Paul Desmond)

*MAIDEN VOYAGE (Herbie Hancock)


*SATIN DOLL (Duke Ellington/Billy Strayham)

*FLY ME TO THE MOON (Bart Howard)