Elvis L Carden

Elvis L Carden


I'm a country singer and song writer my music is based on life true story in line with traditional country and soutern boggy steel guitar guitar bass keys I'm the disiner and builder of the world Know "Guitar House'Fayettivlle ga.


Been making Music Singing AndWritting All My Adult Life, Born in Atlanta Ga raised up in Palmetto Ga Were I life now join the Army at 16, went to Vietnam at 17 Lie Kie 1st Inf Div, last year in Aberdeen MD First record 1967 Vietnam Blues&Loving A SoldierDesignn& Built The World Known Guitar House inFayettevillee Ga.30214 www.cdbaby .com Latest single "American Rebel"on distribute true HMG NASHVILLE ,Music Review NY,EHKINg


American Rebel

Written By: Elvis L Carden Music BMI

American Rebel Rose to the task American Rebel hero's of the past Soldiers Of Tomorrow Remember Today I'm a Rebel One Of The Legion that won't go away Will you help Say No more That Rebel came thru that war American Rebel Southern We like to see Our Flag held High We are Soldiers Of the South Can't Run Us Over and Ya can't run us out American Rebel That's what we are Working and A dreaming for A better world American Rebel Rose TO the task American Rebel Hero'sof the past Soldier Of Tomorrow Remembered Today American Rebel He Won't Go Away American Rebel Rose To The task American Rebels Hero'sOf the Past Soldier Of Tomorrow remembered Today American Rebel He won't go away


Southern Pride, Loving A Soldier., Living In A Old Guitar ,Cuddle Up, American Rebel, Past Present Future,Guitar House Gospel

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