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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



Featured on www.ArtistiLove.com

Opening page with Carlo Santana's cover "europa" performance.

Magazine section "Bluesy Rosie" original performance - ArtistILove

"Today's Toronto"

Featured on www.Today'sToronto.com

- Today's Toronto

"98.5 Fm CKWR radio interview"

April 17th 2007 98.5 Fm CKWR Waterloo, Ontario. Radio interview by Stan the man.

Adventures In Plasticland. - 98.5 Fm CKWR

"NUANCE SHOW At the Black Swan Nov 3 2007"

Ah, the Black Swan! A tavern in Toronto, a veritable
pesthole of a place! The venue has all the attraction
of a really damp bat cave, with denizens that would
grace any good wanted list in any police station
anywhere. The semi-human wait staff still has the
classic zombie shuffle they are so famous for, and
that blank stare that really achieves that magic air
of a comatose toad. But so much for the venue's good
Lorne Hind 360 opened the evening's affair with a
rocking set that, frankly, probably scared away half
the cockroaches in the place! They are a band that
simply makes you forget everybody else. Lorne not
only has a lightning style of guitar playing that
would have made Hendrix proud, but he has a stage
presence that brings an air of magic and fun to every
performance! Watching his fingers blaze across the
guitar strings is nothing short of awesome. He and
Andrew on bass and Tom on drums make a magic
combination that works perfectly! Lorne Hind has a
spirit about his playing that makes him and his band
an absolute delight to watch! Frankly, I find his
sets way too short, but that is certainly no fault of
his. The fact is I could listen to him rock all night
long and never grow tired of it. Normally strictly an
instrumental band, they finished the set with a
fantastic version of Neil Young's anthem 'Rockin' In
The Free World', and did a truly admirable job of it!

After the set I had a word with this remarkable
artist, and purchased his CD. I can tell you now that
his CD certainly has all the elements of his live work
in place. He works beautiful, often lilting melodies
into fast paced, breathtaking solos. I normally don't
enjoy instrumental bands as much as I do other forms
of prog, but he has made a believer out of me. Simply
- Doug LeBlanc Canadian Progressive Music Society

"Nuance Show - Transzac Theatre Spring 2007"

Lorne Hind 360 was up next. They were a three-piece
outfit, featuring strong drumming and solid bass
playing. However, the power of this great band comes
from Lorne Hind himself. He plays guitar. Actually,
he plays guitar in the same way that a hawk flies.
There is a beauty, a spirit about him that is amazing.
He is a natural on stage, a man who looks cool, plays
hot, and looks like he's doing what he wants to do
more than anything else in the world. He flows across
the stage like a true showman, firing into songs like
cannons during a battle. There were times when I
would not have been surprised to see sparks flying
from the strings!
This is a band to pay attention to. There is a
power, a spirit to them that goes beyond the
well-deserved Joe Satriani comparisons. I will pay
close attention to them in the future! You can check
out there website at
- Doug LeBlanc Canadian Progressive Music Society


LPs - Full Circle


Feeling a bit camera shy


Skilled as a self-taught songwriter and music composer, Lorne Hind’s instrumental music leaves listeners speechless. He’s kick-ass, hard edge and soulful. His solos are mind boggling and fan’s view him as a phenomenal guitarist.
Lorne’s skills as a professional guitarist elevate him to the level of the masters and, he continues to evolve. He is extremely versatile and well disciplined. His foundation is solid playing instrumental, country music, hard rock and R&B. In his spare time, he likes to dabble with jazz music. It is not unusual for him to be compared to the likes of Joe Satriani, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Carlos Santana.
Lorne began his musical career in his hometown of Whitby, Ontario where at the age of 9 he was enrolled in the prestigious Royal Conservatory of Music. As a student he was taught music theory, classical guitar and went on to learn about the electric guitar. This is where he found his first love. His knowledge of music theory was a little shaky in the beginning stages but, that didn’t stop him from forming a teenage garage band. At the age of 16, his parents moved the family to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
While residing in the USA, Lorne concentrated his efforts on teaching himself more about music theory and the structure of songwriting.
One he graduated from college, Lorne found his way back to Ontario where he currently resides. He has traveled with cover bands, touring and performing in countries such as Dubai, Europe and parts of the United States (California, Mississippi, Florida, and Las Vegas). He went on to form his own cover band (Fusique) that performed on international cruise-lines. When not cruising with the band, he hired himself out as a studio guitarist/session player for music projects.
Realizing that the road he was on was leading to nowhere, Lorne began to experience feelings of uneasiness being onstage playing someone else’s hits. But because he possesses a tremendous amount of self-discipline, his audience would not be able to detect this uneasiness. Growing tired of playing in cover bands, Lorne took a break from the cover scene to do some soul-searching. He found that the uneasiness he was experiencing came from a voice within that was telling him he was not doing was he was meant to do. He came to the decision that it was time to strike out on his own. It was time to create Lorne’s music. And this is where Lorne Hind 360º was born.