Toni Piccinni

Toni Piccinni

 Nieder-Wiesen, Rheinland-Pfalz, DEU
BandPopAdult Contemporary

Our music comes from the bottom of our hearts. we don't make music only for the charts, we make music to express ourselves.


Studied singing and dancing at state scool of dance and drama in Hamburg, germany. Lots of gigs with different bands in Germany and europe, contracts with Indies and majors, backgroundvocals for Michael Jackson in germany.


Seasons of my life

Written By: Toni Piccinni

Verse 1:
Do I ever know - which way to go?
secret melodies of my soul.
deep down in my heart - I just tried to make a start, to find my way - find my way back home.
Am I? do I? will I ever see?
Through the mist deep inside of me
Am I ? Do I? will I ever feel - secure and safe in endless harmony
Verse 2:
Am I strong enough - if my heart will tell to turn around, to take another road?
Will I start to hide or do I feel that strong inside, to find my way, find my way back home?
Am I? Do I? ....
seasons come and go, the changes in life will show - the seasons of my life.
Am I? Do I? ...


Written By: Toni Piccinni

Why do I feel my heart aching?
Why do I think my whole world is breaking?
Why did you go away – leaving me alone
Without a word, without a sign?

Still letters coming for you
Letters that remind me you’re not here anymore
Still letters coming for you
Letters which no one will read anymore...

Still I feel it – this numbness inside
The day we buried you – your wife at my side
The valley was lying, covered with dew
But nothing will be the same anymore

Still letters...

A pair of shoes is still standing there
Your smell, your words are everywhere
I’ll always remember the things you used to do
The way you spent your time – the time I shared with you...


art of animation, double-CD, Toni Piccinni-personal, wings of the universe, enhanced, Star Project by Sony Music

Set List

we have two sets with 30 minutes each. All songs are composed by our own, except easy by lionel richie.