ilo aka fab

ilo aka fab

BandHip Hop

There are into Hip hop and aslo good looking and trust given. 2002 best west and east said party compition winners. please just give us a chance to show you what we can do.


He is john fabulous, but his stage name is lil' ilo.
Lil'ilo started singing when he was 10 years old. After his collage he desided to join some street group for show and to expand his talent. From ther he gat producer .
who put him throug to Hip hop game.6 years later his producer left the country for business and he took up from where he stoped and was doing well.2002 he went for westsaid paty compition
which futer other artist from east and west africa and God saw him thruog and he won the best rapper cause his lyrics are heartfelt,honestvoice and spirit combine to keep the audiences asking for more.

but now loking for a label for his up coming music. pray god should help him for one so people all over the world will see what this Guy gat at this age.


have discover many tracks and tracks been play in local radio station.

Set List

have 2 tracks for label hunting now. and can also rap in many way.