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Talent with a twist, fire! but brisk when you get a taste.


There are many rappers and rap groups, but there is only one SOZEA. My influences will be jay-z, nas, pac, and big. SOZEA style of rap is far from tipical, check it out for your self.SOZEA was fourteen when he started rapping, life back then was hard, so he used his skills to vent any pent up emotions he had. At that time getting a record deal was not in his plans, but after getting a good response on a indie cd that went on to sell 10,000 copies, SOZEA kept working at his craft. There is nobught he is here to stay.


you can get my single soz-son on
my album chemical embalance v.1 at you can also go to live for streaming radio play, you can find two of my songs there. WHO WANT TO PARTY, and SOZ-SOZ-SON. My album and single is also being sold on multiple mps websites such as Napster,Musicmatch, Netmusic, itunes, and many other mp3 websites.

Set List

Baby we fly
let go!
Yes sir