Wydown: a prog-indie rock quartet dedicated to making energetic music for people who are too smart for their own good. The intensity of Interpol, the artistry of early Genesis and the pop stylings of Death Cab for Cutie...check it!


Not your typical rock band, Wydown began in St. Louis, Mo. with vocalists/songwriters Ethan Balis, Nate Dewart and an arsenal of original material. What started with a bass, a keyboard and for their first gig, a classical string trio, has evolved into a devoted group with a tenacious approach towards focused and inspired songwriting.

With the addition of Karl Eggers on guitar and Aaron Story on drums, this prog-indie-rock quartet has not only expanded its musical influences, but has refined the live delivery of its intense, intelligent songs.

With 85+ shows throughout the Midwest including performances with Athlete, Lapush and Margot & the Nuclear So and So's, and successes on college and online radio nationwide with its EP, Message From the Yes Man, Wydown has found itself in its commitment to writing and performing energetic rock music for people who are too smart for their own good.

Live, the magic of the group is readily apparent. The shared vocal duties of Balis and Dewart -sometimes harmonizing beautifully, other times dueling through call-and-response - set Wydown instantly apart from its peers, while the musical chairs school of instrumentation makes for a stunning display of talent. Though the lyrics unabashadely regret and loss, innocence or otherwise, the cathartic, upbeat instrumentaion and arrangements are nothing if not life-affirming.

Their first full-length, "Noise America," (summer 2006) co-produced by J. Christopher Hughes (Moderndayzero, Greenwheel), is a culmination of these efforts: an intense look at life, love and the complexities of the American Dream. As Balis puts it, “This band has never been one for lack of ideas, but for this album we really tried to focus our creative energies into complete, cohesive thoughts.” The result is a grand collection of stirring vignettes. Each song carves out its own space to ruminate on ideas of innocence, apathy, abuse and loss but in a vibrant, celebratory way.

The diverse topics all share a common goal of trying to get beyond the advertised America and to the heart of the condition of living in this country with the hopes of acknowledging and honoring our shared human experience.

Welcome to Wydown; we're in this together.


"Noise of America" - July, 2006

"Message From The Yes Man" - May, 2005
(May 31st, Suggested Add Date)
Commerical Radio: 101.1 The River (St. Louis)
220 ADDS from College & Online Stations:
WOUB Chart #1, KRTU Chart #4, M3 Radio Chart #6, WASU Chart #16, WARG Chart #14 KUCO Chart #16, KDVU CHart #22, KAFA Chart #21, WLCA Chart #29, KSRQ Chart #30, WCLC Chart #30, KOTO #2 ADD,

"Rock Ends" - April, 2003
Commerical Radio: 101.1 The River (St. Louis), 94.1 Mix (Las Vegas)

Set List

A typical set can range between one 45 - 75 minute set or two 45 minute sets. The set is typically 5 or 6 originals per cover song.

Original Songs:

"No More Never Mind"
"Summer's Funeral"
"Wasted Energy"
"Long Island"
"The Wizard"
"Goddamn That Man"
"In a Sound"
"Last Words"
"The Tourist"
"Everybody Off"
"Noise of America"

"Say It Ain't So" - Weezer
"Here Come Your Man" - Pixies
"Pump It Up" - Elvis Costello & The Attractions
"Street Spirit" - Radiohead
"Keep On Rockin' In The Free World" - Neil Young