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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"The Breeze/James Madison University"

The Wylde Bunch, a 14-member ball of energy, had the crowd in the stands and on the floor grooving in the first songs of their set. As the crowd became more frenzied, so did the band. Under the bright red lights and to the rhythms of a saxophone, trumpet, piano, drums and voices, Wild Bunch riled up the audience.

The end of Wild Bunch’s performance ended in a pool of white light. The band’s last note was less of a single note and more of a cacophony of sound, accompanied by the audience’s excited cheering.

- November 15, 2004

"Boston Herald"

The group makes Blazingly funky hip-hop using horns, fuzzy guitars, rumbling bass and back-up singers. The high-energy mix is as much Outkast as is Earth, Wind & Fire. - 2004


360 - World Movement Records
Unbreakable - World Movement Records
Wylde Tymes At Washington Hight - Sony/RED
The Wylde Bunch: Garage Series - VOL. 1
The Wylde Bunch: Garage Series - VOL. 2
In The Meantyme - The EP (coming Feb. 2006)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Remember that feeling of hanging with your best friends and family in the basement, playing video games, listening to music, and goofing and laughing? Take all that positive energy and put it on a recording. That’s Wylde Bunch and their Sony/Red debut, Wylde Times at Washington High.

Wylde Bunch has gone from rocking small club dates to touring all across America (most recently a series of dates with Black Eyed Peas), and from distributing music out of the backs of their cars to having songs included on monster video games NFL Street, NBA Live, Madden 2005, Playboy Mansion, andc Gran Turissmo.

Emcee Yung Dame doesn’t have to look far to see how proud his family is – Pops, the group’s aptly named guitar player, is his father. The family affair doesn’t stop there: keyboardist Daniel and back-up singer Byg Sexy are Dame’s brothers, and emcee Tazzo is a cousin. Rico and Speed are childhood friends of all and also attended the band’s veritable home base, Los Angele’s reknowned Washington High School.

On stage, all the good feelings and energy are like a nuclear reaction. “If you take the adrenalin of 14 people,’ Dame says, “bottle it up, shake it up and let it explode, that’s what it’s like, every time. Because every time we get up on stage we’re giving our all to the audience, whether it’s ten or 10,000 people, they get the same show.”

That attitude, with the help of electrifying live shows, has resonated with a broad range of fans. “It’s funny,” Dame remarks, “people always ask us, ‘who’s your audience?’ And I always say ‘everybody.’ If you videotape ten shows, no two audiences will look the same. Sometimes we do a show and get a majority of punk rockers, and its like ‘are they gonna dig this?’ And the punk rockers dig it as much as the straight up hip-hop heads. And we play for everything in between, on a regular basis.”

With Wylde Times at Washington High, the Wylde Bunch is poised to make that broad audience an ever larger one. “I really want people to give the record a chance,” Dame says, “and give us a chance to make them love us.”