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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
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"Highly Recommended!"

Billed as four dudes raised by alcoholic wolves. This NYC band adds equal amounts of The Ramones, early Joe Jackson and The Stones, shake vigorously and you’ll pour out a tall glass of Wyldlife. Excellent punk power pop with all the trimmings open things up on “The Right” and the stand-out single “Saturday Night.” These are balls-to-the-wall, hook-filled punk rock anthems that cry out for air guitar. “Wasted” continues at cruising speed with a nod to bands that played and partied all night long. The wild bass on “Sonofabitch” recalls The Eels meeting Led Zepplin, just thumping piss and vinegar.

Naturally, the albums second half can’t keep this quality up? It almost does with one lone dud (“Guardian Angels”) but more highlights here include the Jagger-like riffing on “Trash” and AC/DC styled intro on “Cowboys and Slutz.” Plus the guitar buzz and hand claps go together quite well on the sign off “Out On The Run.” Highly Recommended! - Power Popaholic

"Album Review"

Hearkening back to the 70’s and 80’s glam rock, early punk boozin’, partying, fuck anything that walks mentality, Wyldlife is certainly living up to their name. - The Demello Theory

"10 Questions with Dave Feldman"

I reviewed Wyldlife’s new album Wednesday and loved it. We’ve been talking a lot about punk rock lately, mainly because I love it, and also because it’s making a come back in a big way. I wanted to continue that conversation with Dave, lead singer of Wyldlife so I sent him a few questions to get his take. Here’s ten questions with Dave Feldman - The Demello Theory

"I’m warning you, some of the songs on “Time Has Come To Rock & Roll” such as “Saturday Night”, “Wasted” and “First Time Is The Worst” won’t leave your mind once you’ve listened to them"

Looking at the name, I first thought that this was another 80s hair metal revival band, but I was wrong! This album was actually produced by Tuk (BITERS) and has big ’77 punk rock, early glam and power pop influences. Opening song “The Right” reminds me of The EXPLODING HEARTS (quite an efficient way to grab my attention!) while “Wasted” or “Guardian Angels” mix CHEAP TRICK influences to 70s hard rock ones (THIN LIZZY, KISS) the same way the BITERS do it: Fine melodies, powerful hooks and cool guitar riffs.
Bands like PILLBOX and the GUN CLUB also come to mind while listening to “Sonofabitch”, quite a good way to add some change without getting lost in something completely different.
WYLDLIFE also know how to get on the 70s glammy side (“Trash”) and can show as much energy as The HIVES on a song like “Cowboys & Slutz”, which only makes you think that the live version of the song should probably be fun to hear and see!
I’m warning you, some of the songs on “Time Has Come To Rock & Roll” such as “Saturday Night”, “Wasted” and “First Time Is The Worst” won’t leave your mind once you’ve listened to them… That’s always a good sign, isn’t it?/Laurent C. - Veglam.com


We KNOW how much you guys love spend that rent money on calories, so we figured we’d help you get more bang for your buck by hooking you up with some mega-pro-tips from Wyldlife, who JUST SO HAPPEN to be playing a show at Arlene’s Grocery TONIGHT, and again at Home Sweet Home on May 20th. So be sure to catch them live at both of those, and then feel free to casually stalk them at the following restaurants and/or bars. - Bright Young Things

"Their sophomore release is a brilliant take on punk rock, grabbing the genre by the balls and making it their own"

"Their sophomore release is a brilliant take on punk rock, grabbing the genre by the balls and making it their own...I can almost smell the alcohol listening to this band."

"Not only are the vocals unique, the album is filled with the music of four talented guys who know exactly how to execute the rock n' roll style without sounding generic or completely missing the ball."

"While every song is individually catchy, the album is also cohesive. All while remaining a fun record that has 'party' stamped all over it."
- The Siren's Lounge

"Rock and roll isn’t dead, it’s very much alive and it’s waiting for you to listen."

Having just released their latest album, Wyldlife played at Maxwells to celebrate and introduce their fine new tracks. I wasn’t about to miss this one. For those who have never seen Wyldlife play live, let me explain to you what it’s like: it’s high energy, a lot of jumping and sweating and most important, a lot of great music. Their album release show was no different. As soon as the band took the stage in front of a packed house, Dangerous Dave steps up to the mic and states “this is our new album”. Without missing a beat the band starts playing track 1, ‘The Right!’. After that it was one after the other, track by track, exactly how it reads on the back of the album sleeve.

Their songs are fast and come at you even faster. You have to be ready. You have to be ready to possibly get your foot stomped on or get pushed backwards and forwards. Not at all in an aggressive way but more in a “hey, we’re all friends here, let’s dance.” By the end of the night your mouth hurts from smiling and laughing so much, seriously, it’s all in good fun. With the crowd going wild with each song and the band started to engage their faithful audience. Samm and Spencer leaped into the crowd and got carried by the sea of people shouting out their lyrics. I always get nervous when they do that because I don’t want to see them hit the ground and smash their heads or more importantly, their guitars. Of course they didn’t fall and the crowd sent them safely (debatable) back to the stage.

With the sweat dripping down my face and my hair a total mess, the boys finished playing The Time Has Come To Rock And Roll in it’s entirety. However, we weren’t done with them. We wanted more and wouldn’t be satisfied until we got another song out of our rock and roll heroes. They obliged and played ‘City Of Inbreds’, a track off their first album. Every single person in the room sang at the top of their lungs and ate up every last second to fulfill their need for rock music. As the night ended and I made my way home, I couldn’t help but smile and replay the night in my head. Rock and roll isn’t dead, it’s very much alive and it’s waiting for you to listen. @LeahLovecat - Dingus

"This is rock and roll. End of story."

Its finally here! The moment I’ve been waiting for, Wyldlife have released their latest album, The Time Has Come To Rock And Roll. Filled with catchy choruses and fast pace rhythms, Wyldlife have beautifully crafted an album for our generation. An album about going out, leather jackets and rock and roll. Easily some of the best lyrics I’ve heard in quite some time, these boys lay it out right in front of you. There is nothing to decipher, what you see is what you get. You don’t like it? Too bad. This is it, accept it or don’t. Whatever. They’re more interested in rocking out a live show than what you have to say about them. This is an album for those who miss the art of dancing and jumping at a gig, for those who miss being able to sing along with the band and for those who want to walk down the street with a slice of pizza in one hand and a new piece of vinyl in the other. In this case, make it this album. Yes, it’s on vinyl and yes, the record itself is green. Dave, Samm, Spencer and Russ are the four dudes ready to shake you up. Gone are the times of pretending to like a band because its “what everyone else likes” or because its “ironic”. No, no ,no. You won’t find any of that baloney here. This is rock and roll. End of story. @LeahLovecat - Dingus


I haven’t seen a band with this much energy in a while and it was inspiring. - Meuserization

"the legacy of the great D-GENERATION."

There´s No Way Out of buying this record for every Capital Offender because at a point where nobody even dared to hope for it to happen anymore, there finally is a band from the big apple that is carrying on the legacy of the great D-GENERATION. - Vibrator Buzz

"Best Indie-Rock Performance…Wyldlife"

Asbury Lanes: The Jersey City-based Wyldlife ventured down to Asbury Lanes on Friday night and proceeded to blow the doors off the place using a 10-song palette of jangle guitar-led, grit infused, Garage-Punk to paint pictures of late night jaunts in some of New York City’s finest haunts, such as the aptly titled “Lit Lounge,” an ode of sorts to the the dingy night club and the lusty ladies who frequent it. The four-man four-man collective was the only group that evening to be called back to the stage by the party’s host, Rich Russo, for an encore, evidence to how enthralling the performance was. - Speak Into My Good Eye

"Wyldlife, East Coast New Wave, Self-Titled Album Release"

The 10 track self-titled release is a whirlwind of three minute wonderment and singalong anthems, the lead single `City Of Inbreds` makes no excuses for it`s party excesses, there`s indulgence by the overflowing bucket full – I`m pretty sure Wyldlife aren’t gonna clear up the mess either. - MOJOPHENIA

"City of Inbreds"

New York-based garage/punk rockers Wyldlife exhibit their wild side on their recently released self-titled album. However, opening track, newly adapted into a music video, “City of Inbreds” demonstrates a more subdued and sweet side to the band, while maintaining outbursts of their characteristic rambunctiousness. “Dangerous" Dave Feldman sings and snarls, narrating the scenes of the band performing amidst mild debauchery, backstage shenanigans, and everything rock ‘n roll-related, from tattoos and alcohol, to girls (of course!) - The Deli Magazine

"Pop-Punk Foursome Wyldlife Brings The Party With New Video"

The group has been steadily gaining buzz with crowds since its debut release, and it’s easy to see why. With all the energy seen in the video, as well as the goofy, charismatic facial expressions of Feldman, these Jersey boys will definitely bring the loud, fast, mostly shirtless party everywhere they go - CMJ

"The Kids Are Alright"

These kids come out of the box with one of the best songs of the year, a song with a chorus so big, you will be hard-pressed not to whip out your air guitar or bang your head. "City Of Inbreds" which opens Wyldlife's debut release is a monster. It is a song that gets everything right. Even if you're not a fan of The Clash, or The Ramones, or the Dolls, or The Strokes, you must recognize that not only does "City Of Inbreds" have hit written all over it, it also boasts the most properly placed minor chord in the history of rock and roll right at the 1:23 mark." - Burning Wood

"Behind The Barrier"

"Most impressive of all though was the extensive amount of influence you could hear in their music. In their all too short set, one could hear old school punk, Britpop, and even blues. They made it known that they were mostly punk however, by thrashing about anytime things got a bit too melodic. Standout tracks from their set were The First Time I Killed Someone, Sidewalk Queen, and City of Inbreds. " - M Dussack

"I'm Not Sleeping"

"The sound is stripped down yet somehow fills your ears, forcing uncontrollable head-bopping and a sudden urge to be in a bar on the Lower East Side. Something tells me that seeing these guys live would be an insanely good time. Their unembellished sound tells listeners that what you hear is what you get. This album is the real deal. In today's auto-tuned, lip-synched, over-produced music market, its also incredibly refreshing." - I'm Not Sleeping

"SourMash Blog"

"Wyldlife. These boys, in their leather jackets, bring back old school rock and roll, with catchy riffs and even catchier lyrics." - Leah Lovecat - SourMash Blog

"Short and Sweet NYC"

"They have the cockiness and swagger of punk circa late-70's New York mixed with the melodicism and big choruses of modern indie rock. They’re grander than The Ramones and more polished than The Dead Boys" - Short and Sweet NYC

"Best 20 Albums of 2011"

"The best power punk band to come out of NYC in the last 20 years. Their debut does everything a debut album is supposed to do: Tell you who they are, what they do and leave you wanting more. I expect huge things from this band and you will too" - www.richrusso.net

"Wyldlife at 4th Street Fest"

In the interest of full disclosure, two years ago, I didn’t think much of Dave Feldman. He was scrawny, he was young and he seemed quiet. I thought to myself, “Great! Another punker kid with a shitty haircut, is that what this town’s coming to.” Oh gimme a break, I was angrier in those days. I’m not sure what he did exactly but I’m one of those knee jerk snap judgment guys. I get a feeling or the wind changes and for like a whole week anyone I meet is an asshole. Dave must have met me during a tornado. Like I said, though, two years ago. During that time that weaselly little guy with the muskrat haircut and goofy smile burrowed his way into my social circle and since that happened I gotta tell you can just can’t see that fucker often enough.

He told me about his band and every now and then he’ll shoot me a text to let me know his band is playing. I’ve been a busy man lately, working, dodging ex’s (this town is getting smaller in that sense) and working on my fiction blog. Rockertycoon has taken a back seat to a lot of things. I got to 4th street fest a little late on Saturday. Dave’s band was starting to set up, a few people reminded me that he was playing I thought, Well, rad, I’ll get to see the little guy’s ska band afterall.” So they started up. AND FUCK IF I WASN’T BLOWN RIGHT OUT OF THE WATER! They actually sunk my battleship. I moved to the front of the crowd to get a closer look. I hadn’t planned on covering 4th street Fest, but now I felt it was my duty to record and spread the good word.

And the word is that ????Dave Feldman (Vox) Sam Allen (Guitar) Spencer Alexander (Bass) and Rusty Russ Barrett (Drums) alias WYLDLIFE kick serious ass. Sam and Spencer lay down some steady and catchy Rock n Roll they keep it simple but the impact is like dropping the C-word at your Granny’s funeral. Rusty’s drumwork is nothing short of spectacular, this dude is the bones for sure. If these guys were Transformers, Rusty would be the big one in the middle of the giant robot they form up together to make. And that means Dave is the head. Walking, no, strutting around like Mick fucking Jagger, you can tell he’s been waiting all week for this. The music is urgent and hard to hold still for. See these fucking guys! They rock, I mean it. And Dave Feldman is pretty ok on his own too, y’know, for a scrawny kid with a bad haircut. - Rocker Tyccon

"BORN TO BE WYLD(LIFE Young Rockers Just Wanna Be Your Dog"

They are young, loud, sweaty, snotty, irreverent, catchy, and clever. And maybe best of all, they’re almost the complete antithesis of the disengaged, Uber-ironic, overintellectualized, chillwave/chipcore/hipster scene currently dominating the lofts, basements, and alternative spaces of Bushwick. This is – proudly, unabashedly, unapologetically, and frequently shirtlessly - a rock ‘n’ roll band.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Wyldlife.

The band in its current incarnation has been around for little more than a year, and splits its time between downtown Jersey City (where frontman, bar rat, journalism student, and part-time hairdresser Dave Feldman calls home) and SUNY-Purchase, where you can find the rest of the group: Bassist Spencer Alexander, guitarist Sam Allen, and drummer Russ “Rusty” Barrnett.

“Sam and I have actually been playing together in bands since middle school,” says Feldman, as we chat over a few after-work beers at Lucky 7, one of several downtown JC watering holes he frequents. Feldman actually started out as a ‘tween drummer doing bad covers when he and Allen called themselves the Cokes. “We went through a bunch of names and a lot of different members,” he explains. “But Sam and I have always had this attitude that we should be playing in a band. That’s really all we’ve ever wanted to do.”

Wyldlife recently released its first record, “The Nicotine EP,” and has been earning a reputation as a reliably sweaty good time in dives like the Charleston Bar in Williamsburg and the Lower East Side’s Lit Lounge (whose baroque basement space the band has celebrated in a song.) The quartet also plays often on the SUNY campus. And thanks to Feldman’s ubiquitous presence in downtown JC, Anthony Susco – the guru of Jersey City’s indie rock scene – has taken an interest in the band too, booking them for several events including a raucous New Year’s Eve bash at 58 Gallery. This Thursday, January 27, Wyldlife will play its first show at Maxwell’s, opening for the Front Bottoms on a bill being co-promoted by Jersey Beat and NJ Underground.com.

“The hardest thing to do in a band is to get people to come to your shows,” says Feldman. “When we’re booking shows, the first thing I look for are bands who are on the same page as we are musically. We love playing with the Radio Exiles, for instance. We’d rather stand out doing what we do than fit into some scene that’s going on in the city. Being in a band shouldn’t be a competition.”

Wyldlife’s raunchy rock’n’roll sound draws in large measure from early punk like the New York Dolls, the Stooges, and the Ramone. “I have several older brothers who are musicians so I grew up around records, we had a huge collection at our house,” Feldman notes. “When Sam and I were 15 or 16, we really got into punk and bands like the Ramones and the Undertones. But we were also really into Oasis and all that Britpop stuff, the Replacements, and a lot of Seventies power-pop. “

“But there’s a lot more stuff we listen to,” he adds. “Creedence and John Fogarty, Seventies Rolling Stones, the Strokes, Kings of Leon. I really don’t care about musical genres. One band we really liked was the Star Spangles. You couldn’t really put a label on them, they were just a rock and roll band. When all the other kids in school were listening to Hilary Duff, we were listening to them.”

“Another band that I really have a lot of respect for is the Hives,” Feldman adds. “They tell you right away that they’re going to be your favorite band. That’s what we’re going for. Our goal is to never have one person leave a Wyldlife show saying ‘I don’t remember what they sounded like.” - Jersey Beat


Still working on that hot first release.



Forming out of Purchase College, Wyldlife quickly strided into the New York music scene with a pair of leather boots on their feet and a mission in their hearts: to bury the days of tame rock and roll. Still digging on their collection of 70's punk and power pop, perhaps the boys were born into the entirely wrong decade altogether? Or perhaps they realize that to get an audience on its feet, all that's need is a fast beat and a loud melody- a timeless simplicity enhanced with refined grit that has (nearly) been lost in today's clutter of rock boredom. With a insanely kinetic live show that has been compared to Iggy & The Stooges, The Hives and The Ramones, it seems that all ground is covered. The gang is onto something bigger and want to take you along for the ride.