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Freedom and Diversified Unity are the foundation and meaning of WyldLyfe.. Blended with an Edgy Hip-Hop/Classic Rock vibe, WyldLyfe's sound is best summed up as REFRESHING. Inspiring tunes that will take you on an Emotional Roller Coaster from one song to the next. PAY IT FORWARD


Coming off a VERY busy Summer, WyldLyfe is Bringing in the Fall the way it's supposed to be done!!!! After opening up at Drexel University's 2009 Spring Jam Concert for Grammy Award Winning Artist Lupe Fiasco (Arista/Epic Records) & "The New Age Mashup King" GirlTalk, and performing around The Tri State Area, leaving nothing behind but Open Minds and New Found Glory within The Live Music Scene... WyldLyfe is Making History yet again... Come Eat, Drink (If Your Old Enough), Dance, & relate to a LyfeStyle full of Positivity, Charisma and GREAT MUSIC!!!!!

Hip-Hop/Rock/R&B/Reggae Like You've never seen it B4!!!! Fronted by 2 Lyricists (Chess, C. Poole) and a Singer/Poet (Ty), and Back By The combination of Bass, Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard, Flute, and Drums, these extraordinary young gentleman somehow find a way to convey what the world wants, and what the world needs through charismatic, refreshing, HEARTFELT rhythms. Instead of feeling like your at a music concert, WyldLyfe has the intangibles to make you feel like you're apart of the Movement.... Because you are.

Philadelphia's own "WyldLyfe" is back in the studio crafting their Self Proclaimed Epic Album "Pay It Forward". Originating from a book, then a movie, the concept has been changing the world since it's birth. Let's say someone helps you with something, no matter how big or small... Instead of paying that favor back, you Pay It Forward to 3 other people & pass on the word..... Press Play and vibe to the music.... With support of Local Music Frontrunners World Cafe Live and Y-Rock on WXPN, it's almost inevitable that WyldLyfe is going to be taking the World by storm for many years to come!!!! Having left their stamp on places like The Apollo Theatre in Harlem, Upstairs & Downstairs stage at the World Cafe Live, and The China Club in Times Square, WyldLyfe Chronically proves that they are The Band to Break down every artistic barrier and hurdle every obstacle presented to them. Change is Amungst us.


We are in the studio working on our first full length album. 88.5 FM WXPN's Y-Rock Philly Local radio show plays WyldLyfe's Song "Circles"